Chapter 1: Changing Times at Attic High
Siblings Cass and Flint attend a fundraiser for Cass’ senior genetics class, where her self-proclaimed rival, Morty, demonstrates an experiment that goes horribly wrong.

Chapter 2: Get Your Freak Out
Cass and Flint wake up to discover that Morty had initiated more than one experiment on the night of the fundraiser. Flint has mutated into a flying squirrel and Cass has become a goat!

Chapter 3: Mutation Fluxuation
After realizing that she can’t reverse their transformations on her own, Cass appeals to Morty for help, with consequences that shock them both.

Chapter 4: Day of the Dork
Cass returns to school, where she and Morty face the ire of Principal Attic, whose daughter has become a giant rampaging poodle monster. Meanwhile, Cass must not only appear in public with horns and a goatee, but also reconcile her feelings toward Noah, her prospective boyfriend.

Short Comic: Sister
A look at how Cass and Flint spend their days following their transformations.


Chapter 5: I, Abomination
Only hours remain before Cass’ parents return from their vacation, and Cass worries about what they’ll find: their daughter growing horns, their son a flying squirrel, and another misguided mad genius threatening to transform everyone in the school.

Chapter 6: It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big World
The first day of Principal Attic’s special class goes awry when a shrink ray malfunctions. Flint, his parents, Morty, Ash and Demetrius are miniaturized and play an almost-literal game of cat-and-mouse with an escaped experiment.

Chapter 7: Terror of the Jackal
On Halloween night, the students’ neighborhood is overrun by sugar-craving were-jackals. Cass and Noah struggle to cooperate with Morty to find a cure while Flint comforts Thirteen, who has been bitten and is turning into a were-jackal herself.

Chapter 8: New Tricks
Keris gets a heavy dose of reality when her only sponsor backs out of her senior genetics project, leaving her with nothing. She turns to Demetrius for help in catching up on years of neglected studies.

Chapter 9: Fur Will Fly
One of Flint’s classmates is slowly turning into a cheetah and begins to bully him using his new speed and predatory nature. Convinced he needs to fly to show up the bully, Flint talks Noah into tweaking his squirrel DNA. Noah finds a solution, but it means putting Flint’s own life at risk.

Chapter 10: Class Warfare
Principal Attic’s special class and their efforts to stop ethics violations have saved lives, but at a cost. Several disgruntled students decide to topple the establishment by injecting the principal with an age-reducing serum and getting the drop on Cass and her friends, who may be the only ones standing between order and chaos.


Chapter 11: Class Warfare Part II
Cass and her friends fight back against Ken and his increasingly powerful army of rogue students for the fate of Attic High as the principal’s condition worsens.

Chapter 12: The Mother Trilogy
Childlike Jen baby-sits actual child Trombone, Katsuko searches for a lost teddy bear, and Billie calls in a favor from Morty.

Short Comic: Urgent Thanksgiving Crisis
Cass, Flint, Noah, Morty and others celebrate Thanksgiving in their own various ways.

Chapter 13: Double Date
Cass and Noah go on their first official date, alongside Ash and Demetrius. Although they want to push their relationship deeper, they can’t seem to move past appearances, especially after their latest inconvenient changes.

Chapter 14: Cashmere
Fed up with living as a goat-human hybrid, Cass asks her family and friends to help with a risky procedure that could restore her human form.

Chapter 15: Running Cold
Noah’s slow transformation into a salamander heads into a dangerous new stage, and Morty and Ash must mend the rift between them if a cure is to be found in time. This leaves them unavailable to help with an emergency involving Cass and Flint, so a similarly preoccupied Jen calls upon Katsuko to lead the charge.

Chapter 16: Synthesis
Cass, Flint, Thirteen and Scurry plunge deep into the woods, searching for one another while struggling to overcome the bitter winter, a pack of wolves, and their own clashing senses of human reason and animal instinct.


A loose real-time “prequel,” each posted on the same dates as the events they depict, leading up to the date the events of Chapter 1 took place.

#1: September 11, 2017
#2: August 6, 2019
#3: January 4, 2020
#4: October 14, 2020


Urgent Transformation Crisis #0 (Pilot Issue, 2006)
Set in the same universe as my previous comics, Unfamiliar Reflection and Seven to Seven, the werecat Kait and her shapeshifting cohort Neil track down a deadly werewolf preying on an urban slum.