The Jennifer Attic Unassuming-Yet-Ridiculously-Well-Funded Private School for Burgeoning Scientific Minds was founded to gather the brightest teens with an interest in science and provide them with more robust instruction and equipment than any other high school in the country.

Picture of most of the major cast

Cast members pictured, from left to right: Katsuko, Morty, Cass, Flint, Ash, Demetrius, Noah
Cast members not shown: Thirteen and Jen

Cass “Don’t Call Me Cashmere” Calloway is one such student. She and her friends studying under the school’s genetics branch were just starting their senior year when they entered the school’s annual competition. The student with the most promising genetics-based science project would win admission to any university of their choice, along with other bragging rights.

Mortimer Montovarius is a young student hungry for glory. He saw Cass and another student, the reserved genius Demetrius Verttroni, as obstacles to winning the competition. His plan? Fight them using the power of science, of course!

Stealing inventions from greater minds than his, Morty set out to mutate his classmates’ DNA in humiliating ways, hoping to throw their lives into chaos and distract them from their own science projects, allowing Morty to emerge triumphant.

But Morty made a few mistakes…not the least of which was tangling with Cass, who’s now stuck in a body halfway between human and goat!

As mutation stacks upon mutation and lives are turned upside down, Cass, her squirrely brother Flint, her salamander boyfriend Noah, and a now-repentant Morty must stay one step ahead of the urgent transformation crises befalling their town.

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