Okay! After a LOT of tinkering, I managed to set up a basic storefront for the physical copy of UTC Vol. 3.

  • The book will be available for purchase in all formats starting Wednesday, March 27! *
  • The itch.io and Patreon store pages will also go live on March 27 for sales of the eBook only. **
  • If you’re a paying Patreon member, you’re automatically entitled to get the eBook right now! Here is the post with instructions on how to download it. (You must be logged into Patreon to access.)

The physical trade paperback is $29.99, plus shipping and NY sales tax (if the delivery address is in New York)
The digital PDF is $4.50

*Buying the printed book also gets you a complimentary link to download the eBook. The link will be valid for 5 days from date of purchase. Also, since I’m mailing these personally, I’ll sign your book!

**Purchases of the eBook on itch.io remain valid for the lifetime of your Itch account, so you can download it again and again, any time, anywhere.

Thank you for your patience, and see you back here on Wednesday!