The bulk order of UTC books arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. (Along with a re-order of the first volume, as I was down to my last copy.)

While I work out the delay with representatives of the on-demand store, I’m setting up a temporary store on this site that will enable those of you interested in buying a physical copy to buy them directly from me. Cuz I have books now! They ache for good homes!

It also feels unfair to force readers who are waiting to buy the ebook to wait much longer. (And many more of you are likely interested in the ebook than in owning a physical copy.) The reason I haven’t made the ebook available yet is I just don’t like the concept of having one version of a product available before the other version is. Maybe that’s self-defeating?

I’ll put out another update soon with a confirmed release date for both the physical and digital books.

Thank you as always for your patience.