On Monday, the first printed copy of UTC Volume 3 arrived, and it’s gorgeous.

Since 2010, I’ve been printing UTC books with an on-demand printing company called Ka-Blam. Because of the “on-demand” part of the manufacturing business, their paper stock and method of binding varies year to year as they improve their processes and cycle through equipment.

I’m delighted to say that this is the best quality book I’ve ever received from them. The glossy cover is liquid smooth. The laser-printed pages look remarkably close to the more expensive “4-color” printing process that mainstream comics use. The interior paper stock is lightweight, meaning the book isn’t a chore to hold for long reads. (Previously, Ka-Blam had used heavy, glossy stock for interior pages, which IMO was overkill as far as attractiveness, and made the books incredibly heavy.)

If all this technical nonsense doesn’t interest you, all you need to know is that when the physical books go on sale, you’re going to get some quality stuff! And if you plan to buy Volumes 1 and 2 along with 3, they will all be made with the same great quality.

Now that the proof is checked and approved, I’ve submitted the book to Ka-Blam’s storefront, IndyPlanet.com, for public sale. The exact timing of when it goes on sale is fully up to them and the time they’ll need to process the submission. It could be any day now.

I’m penciling in February 28 as the “official” release date, even if the book shows up on the store page before then, so I can take some time to hype up the release on social media. The digital version will go on sale on itch.io February 28, or the day IndyPlanet first lists the book, whichever is later.