The last chapter of Phase Three is close to wrapping up. Once it does, the comic will go into a hiatus as I work on material for the next trade paperback collection. More info will come soon about the hiatus and the future of UTC. For now, here are the details for the new book…

“UTC Volume 3: Hunting for Humanity”

Tentative cover for Vol. 3

In this set of stories, the action spills out of Attic High and into everyone’s homes as things get personal for the teens. They must finally tackle the roots of their long-ignored mutations in order to move forward with the lives they truly want. Human intelligence and animal instinct clash, coming to a head in the biggest pile-up of urgent crises we’ve seen yet!

When it’s coming:
September 2023

How to get it:
The book will be available to buy in print at and digitally at

What’s in it:
All 6 chapters of Phase Three…

  • 11: Class Warfare Part II (36 pages)
  • 12: The Mother Trilogy (18 pages)
  • 13: Double Date (22 pages)
  • 14: Cashmere (24 pages)
  • 15: Running Cold (20 pages)
  • 16: Synthesis (24 pages)

Extra content includes…

  • Bonus comic* 1: “Urgent Thanksgiving Crisis” [full-color Patreon version] (2 pages)
    Description: Cass, Flint, Noah, Morty and others celebrate Thanksgiving in their own various ways.
  • Bonus comic* 2: “Going for Nuts” (page count TBD)
    Description: What exactly happened after the end of Phase One when a freshly mutated Cass and Noah went to the store to get nuts for Flint’s new squirrel friend?
  • Bonus comic* 3: Untitled Jen Story (4 pages)
    Description: Jen indulges her inner and outer child when she and Keris take Trombone to the playground.
  • Sketches and reference notes.
  • A multi-layered look at the creation of Chapter 15’s Golden Age throwback cover.
  • Writer’s notes on the themes of Phase Three and the construction and intertwining of the character arcs.

*Bonus comics will not be made available publicly; only buyers of the book or subscribers to any Patreon tier can read them. Comics 2 and 3 will be posted to Patreon in July through September.