If you’ve been checking the site regularly for the latest pages all month, you’ve noticed that I’ve slowly been trying to bring updates back toward the usual Monday release and stop all these mid-week delays. This week’s page was scheduled for Tuesday (today). For a number of reasons, I’ve decided to throw in the towel and push the page back to Thursday, March 2. This means I’m falling short of the 4-pages-per-month target.

Ultimately, the delay will turn out to be a wash, because the original plan after I posted the next page was to announce a break in the comic for the week of March 6. My 40th birthday is next week, and as a little present to myself, I’m going to pause work on the comic so that I can catch my breath, and celebrate with my family and friends.

You might ask, why not just take the break now? The next page feels like a much more appropriate place to pause the comic for two weeks than the one we’re currently on.

So, where we were only going to see 3 pages in March, we’ll have 4 after all. Page CCCXLVII will release on March 2, and then after the break, pages will (maybe I should say “should”) come out March 13, 20 and 27.

As always, the Release Calendar is continuously kept up-to-date with the latest UTC schedule. Even if I don’t make a big splashy announcement here, I will update the calendar, especially if the delay is really short notice.