Over the last few weekends, I’ve steadily been updating the site archive and re-uploading the Phase Two chapters in a slightly larger resolution. The pages were originally released at 700 pixels wide, in keeping with the website layout at the time. With Phase Three, I reformatted the site to accommodate pages 750 pixels wide.

As of now, all of Phase Two has been resized to match Phase Three. I plan to do the same for Phase One and the mini-comic “Sister” over the coming weekends. (I’ve been working backwards from the more recent pages so that anyone browsing the archives during this transition will see a “clean” switch from small older pages to big newer pages, instead of starting with bigger pages, then seeing smaller pages, then seeing bigger again.)

I’m not changing the content of the pages. The strip-formatted pages from Chapters 1 and 2 will remain strips. They will just have their upper and lower textual elements removed. (Series title, logo, strip number, strip date, and strip title.) Those parts are redundant, since all of that info is present on the webpage itself nowadays.

For more details and preview images, check out the post on Patreon.