Now that we’ve got the UTC train rolling again, I found a way to help me keep it running on schedule. And this method also gives you an easy way to see when my “vacation weeks” are.*

This calendar doc lists the tentative UTC release schedule for the rest of the year, including Patreon rewards. The most important days are the ones highlighted in blue (the ones mostly on Fridays). A new UTC page will be posted on those days. The other highlighted days indicate when certain reward content is going to be made available to Patreon backers.

The linked document will be updated continuously through 2022 whenever changes are announced. (The picture attached to this post will not be. It’s just a snapshot.)

*Last year I introduced the idea of taking one Friday off in every month that has 5 Fridays, which is a structured way to force myself to get some rest. There are 4 such Fridays per year and the next one is July 29.