Moving forward, I’ve come up with a way to give myself consistent, scheduled weeks off (as opposed to trying to put a page out every week and only delaying it when I crash). I’m going to try sticking to the once-per-Monday schedule, BUT for months that have 5 Mondays, the comic will skip the last one.

That starts now, which means there won’t be a comic the week of May 31.

There are four such months per year, so that rounds out to a week off each quarter.

That will allow me either a break if I need one, or I can try to get ahead on the comic. It’ll depend on how I feel at the time. Since it’s pre-planned, there’s no guilt attached. And the comic will still consistently update 4 times every month.

Plus, if I can stick to that schedule (barring unforeseen circumstances that would force another hiatus), Phase Three will be finished by late 2022! Going by page count, we just hit the halfway mark. “Double Date” closes out in June, and Chapter 14 will roll out over the second half of this year.