I’ve issued a new edition of the Volume 1 trade paperback (now the 3rd edition). This version removes some insensitive content in the book that was both misogynistic and racist. Effective now, both the print-on-demand and digital PDF editions have been updated.

While no one has actually told me they’ve found the content offensive, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t hurt anyone out there. I’ve finally realized the only correct thing to do is remove it.

The only page from the book that’s also viewable on this site has already been updated in the archive. That’s found here.

I was wrong for including this content in the book in the first place and for ever thinking it was funny. I’m sorry that I took over a decade to acknowledge and take meaningful action to address this, and I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused those who read it.

If you click this link, it will take you to itch.io, where the digital book is currently available for free. Go ahead and grab a fresh new copy if you’re so inclined. (You’ll see a suggested payment pop-up when you click the download button. Just click “No thanks” to skip through this.)

Any reader who finds content in my work that causes discomfort is more than welcome to contact me. (My email is in the menu bar.) I want to tell stories that everyone can enjoy wholeheartedly, and I’m always trying to change for the better.

Thank you.