Hi, everyone. First off, act 2 of Chapter 12 begins Tuesday, December 17. I’m going to keep trying to put the pages out on Tuesdays and Thursdays but with the holidays coming, updates may drop to one page per week.

If you’ve been waiting for my commentary on the last chapter, it’s finally been recorded. Real talk, though: the reason it’s taken me months to record it is because I have been going back and forth on how to talk about the making of the chapter. As I’ve hinted at over the years, working on this particular part of UTC was a very trying time for me, and I decided that, for better or worse, I should tell the entire story, including the upsetting parts.

Be advised I discuss cancer and armed violence at length, and dip into politics briefly as well. If you just want to know about the making of the comic without the heavier stuff, that’s understandable. All of the essential info is written in the commentary on the pages themselves, so you should look back through the comic archive for that.

One important thing to note that I don’t believe I stress enough in the video itself — I AM OKAY. I got a little upset while reflecting on the events of the past few years but it’s all in the past, and I am having a much better time making Chapter 12. And that is largely thanks to your support through all these years. Thanks for sticking with UTC, and I hope you take some good things out of this commentary if you choose to listen to the whole thing. It’s, uh, pretty long.