The cover for Chapter 12 is now up, and that means we’re almost ready to start the craziness back up once again! The first four pages will be released on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule starting November 19. The schedule may go back to once per week after that, but I prefer rolling out these four pages this month, since we have finally arrived at Thanksgiving in continuity, and the timing couldn’t be better.

So what’s taken me so long to resume updates this time? I’ve been working on the pages for this chapter out of order and haven’t actually drawn the first four pages yet. But that will be taken care of soon, and beyond that I’m hoping to build at least a small buffer to keep the story flowing consistently week to week no matter what my real-life schedule throws in my way. I’m not making any promises, except to say that I’m trying my best to make this comic the way I want to make it and as good as possible.

I’ve been developing this chapter for five years, before I even finished Chapter 10. I’m super excited for you to read it!