I’ve installed the theme the creator of Comic Easel (the plugin I use to integrate the comic with WordPress) made, which made the switch to a new theme much easier since it’s specifically designed to work with Comic Easel. Who’da thunk it? The site needs a lot of work, but I tweaked the basic settings to get most of the site’s functionality and color scheme back. I’ll pick at it some more as time allows, but I really need to get to work on the next page.

You can probably see all the lines of code at the top of the page. There was a PHP update the other day, and I didn’t realize until today that it caused compatibility issues with the WordPress theme I’ve been using. The theme has no current update for PHP 7.1 as far as I’ve been able to find.

This means I will need to change to a new theme. The switch is not as easy as it sounds, though. In order to run my webcomic plugin on WordPress (so that you can actually see the comic and navigate through the pages and view the archive listing, character tags, etc.), I had to heavily modify the site theme. So unfortunately, we are stuck with these lines of errors at the top of every page.

The silver lining? The site still FUNCTIONS. You can still read the comic. You just have to scroll down through the errors. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m working to get a new theme up and running as soon as possible.