UTC will be on break until March 22. This is for a few reasons. First and foremost, now that the major scene of this chapter is finished, I’d like to take some time to review the script for the final 6 pages of Chapter 11. There is a robust epilogue planned, some of which I wrote as far back as three years ago. (The final page has been almost totally unchanged since then; I quite like it!)

But there are a few sticking points that have cropped up as I’ve finished the climax. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty right now, but I have some concerns about the future of the comic that, depending on the solutions I decide to go with, will directly affect things in the epilogue. So I need to make those decisions BEFORE making the next few pages.

Add to that the coincidental timing of an out-of-town vacation, and that’s why I’m putting a pause on the comic. There is just too much riding on this to make a hasty decision. I’m hoping the time away will provide some fresh insight, also.

So, keep the candle burning, my faithful readers! See you in two weeks!