With a follow-up volume on the way, the print-on-demand version of UTC’s first trade paperback, Changing Times at Attic High (which collects Chapters 1-4), has been modified into a second edition. All new orders for this volume at IndyPlanet will produce the new edition.

No comic art or comic dialogue has been changed. I am a firm believer in avoiding George Lucas Syndrome. My policy throughout UTC’s lifetime has been: if I want to change something in the comic, the change has to happen within a reasonable amount of time; and if the comic has been seen in print, that is how it must remain.

Of the 84 comic strips/pages in Volume 1, only the final caption on the final page was altered. All other changes have to do with the ancillary content. Here is a complete list of changes made for the second edition:

  • Front Cover: Catomix logo updated to its 2015 “rounded C, full A” appearance.
  • Page 3: Catomix logo updated to its 2015 “rounded C, full A” appearance.
  • Page 4: Addresses in copyright section updated; second edition noted.
  • Page 87: (UTC page LXXXIV) Caption changed from “END OF PHASE ONE” to “PHASE ONE COMPLETE” so as to be consistent with page CCXVI and all future pages that end a phase. (Online version of page LXXXIV also updated to match.)
  • Pages 88-89: Afterword extensively rewritten and shortened. Two panels from Phase One are inserted among the text to add visual flavor.
  • Back Cover: Panels from page LXXIII added for greater browsing appeal. Book synopsis shortened.

Wraparound cover to UTC Volume 1, second editionI consider the new edition the “final,” “as-perfect-as-it-can-get-without-being-totally-redone” edition. The changes are based on feedback from convention-goers and personal reflection after 4 years: the back cover was lacking visual “oomph” and the afterword was dry and long-winded. Fixing those parts of the book was the motivation for this new version.

I will be selling the second edition at conventions, using the remaining first edition copies in my stock as backup. Orders for Volume 1 at IndyPlanet will produce the second edition version from today onward.