I got a lot of helpful feedback from you guys regarding the “reveal” of Jen’s younger form in this week’s page. I had hoped for a dramatic realization, but clearly my art style isn’t properly conveying the alterations to Jen’s form. The visual evidence in the page (bigger eyes, baggy clothing) isn’t explicitly obvious and it hurts the intended reaction.

I’ve decided to rework the page. Instead of a dramatic “cliffhanger” on the reveal panel, I’m adding extra panels (which were going to be on page 205) which have dialogue that clearly states what’s going on. You’ll see Jen NEXT TO Cass, Morty and Katsuko, which ought to help show her changes much more effectively.

The redone page will be the “new” page that will go on-line next Monday.

Thank you, as always, for your feedback. It helps me see the big picture when I get tunnel vision, and it ultimately makes the comic better for everyone!