Evil Jim: Week Fifty-Four
03-29-04 through 04-02-04









Artist's Commentary:


Just so you're not confused: For each part of "End of Evil," I altered the Evil Jim logo on the main page to reflect the current situation in the strip. Just to preserve those unique logos, I placed them here in the archives, changing "Evil Jim" to "End of Evil." So, at the beginning of each part, you will see these banner images before the first strip starts. This one is a particularly happy image of EJ and CC about to blow each others' heads off.

Pat's reaction to this strip: "Holy shit. I hate you. You're topping me like 30 times over." I try. ^_^

I seem to have a knack for stealing someone else's character, tweaking it, and presenting it in a much more awesome way than the original. I feel kinda bad for outdoing the original creator, but it's just a testament to how cool I think that character is and how much I like them. I'd been planning for a year how to integrate Evil Penguin's webcomic with Evil Jim's webcomic. The first step in the ultimate plan was to kill off all the Pat clones. After that, I have the final Pat clone die and have his soul transferred into a penguin. And the rest you know already. If you don't know who EP is, you desperately need to read his archives. Don't worry, it's a very fast read.

I had a blast making this strip. I used a lot of glow and wash-out effects, with the track lights and with the gleam off EP's backside (pannel 6). And yes, I redesigned CC's costume again. I wasn't very happy with the second outfit I gave him, so being the almighty ruler of this series, I changed it.

From now on, each strip is titled by date. To enhance the drama and to help readers understand these new strips mean business, I eliminated the "second punchline," i.e. the title of the strip at the bottom with some witty phrase or what have you. You know what I'm talking about. So I moved the date and strip number up to the top. This, I've found, also helps each strip transition into the next one. You can read along from strip to strip without having the story be interrupted with titles in-between.

"Betrayer of the light" is a Warcraft III reference. It just sounded like something CC would say. Part I's title is a variation on "The Boy Who Lived," the first chapter of the first Harry Potter book.


Finally, EP without a sillhouette! Get the "original" joke?

I used a noise filter for the flashback shots so you can clearly tell they're flashbacks.

Continuity blip: In the panel 3 flashback, CC's seen as he was in 102 with the gun to Pat 36's face. However, he's in his brand new outfit. Just as before, the wardrobe change has gone unnoticed by the characters and takes effect not only in the present and future, but int the past as well. So as far as everyone's concerned, CC's always worn this new trenchcoat. "But Jim, why don't you go back to all the old strips and change the costume's appearance?" Because I'm LAZY. Stop trying to analyze every single detail of this comic and just ENJOY it, okay???


Obviously, this didn't actually happen in the story. I felt a little punchy and made up this strip for April Fools' Day. Notice EP's tiny puny Jelly Belly penguin brain (directly below the A in "BLAM") and CC's cross-shaped microphone and customized cross-bullet.


This wasn't supposed to be LBSJ's second appearance in Evil Jim. For December 2003 I was planning a fight between him and CC over which December holiday is better, Christmas or Hanukkah. Since I farted all the way through both holidays, it never happened. That's when I decided to give LBSJ a spot in "End of Evil," just to show I cared.