Evil Jim: Week Fifty
02-16-04 through 02-20-04







Artist's Commentary:


In case you forgot, this is my brother Steve, who is at this point in the series (and in real life) attending the University of Vermont. Hence the UVM striped shirt. I forgot the "UVM" in the last panel, though. >_<

Panel 3 features the only use of simultaneous word balloons in the entire series.

Yes, he's a Republican.


This strip unofficially started the "400 Series." While 420 had been around for ten months, I'd never done a non-continuity strip since. "421" seemed the logical number to go with, especially since it had Pat's age in it. However, this is oficially the 21st death of Pat, so it IS in continuity...but a flashback...yeah.


That's my Bebop wall scroll back there, and Mom's obscuring a very nice Enterprise-E poster.

No, I didn't forget to color in Jim's shirt. He's actually wearing something different.


Like the way I established they were Pat's parents by having Jim say it blatantly?

To avoid telling his parents that he's dead, but also to avoid their suspicions when he failed to return home every so often, Jim sent postcards pretending to be Pat. This postcard is misspelled on purpose. Because, as anyone ever in an IM with Pat knows, he rarely uses the proper form of "there." (This is also foreshadowing "End of Evil.")

It might be a little unclear here, but Steve just ratted Jim's evil ways out to Mom and Dad by showing them a brochure of the college with his logo all over it.