Evil Jim: November 2003
11-03-03 through 11-10-03










Artist's Commentary


See my comments on the previous strip to find out who was really angry about this situation in real life.


This is an important moment in Evil Jim. We discover there's some mysterious figure who is out to get our "hero." I have this thing for mysterious figures, and it was about time I had the chance to throw one in this webcomic. To find out the identity of this crazy guy, check "End of Evil."

The idea was to "hide" the already-silhouetted figure so that non-observant people would think Evil Tiny was telepathic. I wanted to be as un-suggestive (is that a word?) as possible about who this guy is and what the hell's going on. But all of you are smart so you looked past my cat and saw the feet in the garage. He also gets a different font just to tell his and Betsy's word balloons apart.

Betsy will return months later in the shocking and controversial ending to "End of Evil" part I. Also, we see that she's not really as evil as we think. I thought that was a pretty good closing line, personally.


During December, things really heated up. I had very little time on my hands, so relegated Evil Jim to as-I-get-to-it status. This meant poor quality strips, and no workup in Adobe Illustrator. Diet Jim is my nickname at ASIC.

Frank is tuned to the Platinum Comics Progress Bar page. I used it to keep readers apprised of my comics' status.

For the first time ever, I've obscured the date. That's because this general announcement strip was up for a good two weeks.


As I've explained before, Degree Navigator is the crappy system Ithaca uses to register students to courses for the next semester. Every time something would screw up, or I'd be blocked out of classes I needed. This was one such time.

Detective Academy Q was a mystery anime I had just started getting into at the time I made this strip. Nobody's heard of it. It's good!


This is the second time I re-use a strip. (see 002 and 032)  This is also foreshadowing to the introduction of DCXIII, a catgirl character I was developing to replace Pat. More on her in strip 132.