Evil Jim: Week Thirty-Nine
10-20-03 and 10-24-03




Artist's Commentary


Why do I draw words on shirts? Because I can't design decent wardrobe and in order to bring more of the characters' personalities out, I use the tee-shirts as helpful symbolism. (Anybody who's seen Gravitation will know what I mean.) Carolyn wears a MegaTokyo-type "B4K4" tee, which for those non-l337 out there, stands for "Baka," or Japanese slang for "idiot."

Jim D. wears his name on his shirt because I never gave him a proper introduction. When you read part II of "End of Evil," he gets a much better entrance there.

Samantha corrected me on this one; Nothing is too cute for her to handle, not even the Puchus from Excel Saga. My bad.


Yes, I discovered how fun Photoshop brushes are.

Because I'm just really not observant, I had no idea Eric was a homosexual until about six months after I first met him. He and Jim have this COMPLETELY HUMOROUS AND NOTHING MORE relationship at ASIC, and bring lots of fun and hilarity to the meetings. (What, you think all we do is watch animé? Come on.) Before posting this strip, I made sure to show Eric and Jim D. this strip so they could veto it. Neither did, so here it is.

The "[PERSON]! WIN!" declaration is generated from the pad itself. (In DDR there is an announcer that talks to you during the game, boosting your morale when you're doing good and insulting you when you suck.) In the animé Angelic Layer, the announcer screams "[NAME]! WIN!" when declaring the victor of a battle.