Evil Jim: Week Thirty-Four
09-15-03 through 09-19-03



Being bad never felt so groovy




Artist's Commentary


Remember Jon? My old roommate? Well you won't see too much of him this year, sadly.

WoMD stands for "Weapon of Mass Destruction," if you couldn't tell. Months after I made this strip, the government started using the "o"-less abbreviation "WMD," thus making this strip look stupid. But I prefer my abbreviation. It has a wacky pronunciation.

The title of the strip is a reference to Dexter's Laboratory, where his sister Dee Dee constantly finds her way into the lab via an impossibly secret passage nobody could ever find. The "Blue Alert" graphic is ripped right out of the classic Star Trek movies. Evil Jim uses the color blue to indicate intruder alerts, whereas a red alert is for exterior attacks. That is an entire wall of anime tapes and DVDs next to the wall of WoMDs. EJ is rich. ^_^


Fourth vertical strip due to panel width.

GaME Ithaca is a take on the real-life PLaY! Ithaca, the arcade where the anime club and I go DDRing. Don't know what Dance Dance Revolution is? Check out a local mall. There's bound to be one there if you're in a major metropolitan area.

There are a bunch of references nobody will get unless they attend the Anime Society of Ithaca College (ASIC). For one, the file copying. At the beginning of every meeting, the president and vice-president (holding the pointer and on the far right, respectively) copy the anime files from their personal CDs to the computer in the projection room. It takes a little while and has become a sort of "pre-show" for many a meeting, unless somebody brought a music video to otherwise pass the time. The file he's copying is Tokyo Mew Mew episode 24. The "24" reference you probably have already figured out ^_^. As for why I would watch an episode of some crazy shoujô anthropomorphic transformation anime...well we all have our little quirky tastes, don't we?


This strip was the plot device that explained why none of the Year One cast members show up in this arc. The girl in panel 3 is Emi, a DDR character you can choose to play in the game. I'm a little partial to her, and not just because her name is one letter away from a certain character I developed a few years ago...