Evil Jim: Week Thirty-One
05-26-03 through 05-30-03






Director's Commentary


I don't actually reveal LBSJ's name in this series cuz I don't want to offend people. But if you read Unfamiliar Reflection #4 or Matt's Sadistic Monkey Press books you already know who he is. (The gun and the symbol on the tank are a bit of a giveaway.)

Dave Pratt (real-life LBSJ) was a little upset when I drew the seven-barreled shotgun. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have remembered menorahs have nine candles. I fixed the strip all up. Sorry Dave. What can I say? Protestants make those kind of mistakes.

Just like CC has red balloons with funky text, LBSJ has blue balloons with funky text. His font is Tempus Sans ITC, FYI. CC is High Tower Text. Everyone else has good ol' Franklin Gothic.

Dave isn't really happy with the fro that his character used to have. (See, the character was created for wrestling video games. Most versions of LBSJ on the various WWF/WW games had a huge blue fro. There's gonna be a major redesign of the strip for Year Two, and that'll be one of the things I'll change on his character.


The original strip contained only the first 6 and the last 2 panels, but I had wanted to include as many deaths as possible, knowing this would be the last opportunity to do gratuitious and rediculous death scenes. I finally had some time in June to edit in the other deaths.

Pat's all hung up on Belldandy. So it's only fitting he be seduced and killed by a cardboard cutout with FemBot breast cannons.

The Chinese proverb about the running man killing a thousand men in one night is illustrated here. Is it Chinese? I don't even remember.

Pat's comments on this strip: "Doesn't the picture on my shirt look like Link?"
(It really does, now that he mentions it...it's supposed to be the top half of the EJ logo. The bottom half is hidden by the cannonball.)


Hey look. I have a deus ex machina personal transporter device.

The outside border fades from white to black. It was an idea that I had in order to smooth the transition between strips 100 and 101. You'll know what I mean when you read Year Two.

These drawings are very scribbly. I didn't have much time to make the strip. It also ends on a sour note of betrayal and certain death. Sometimes I like to mix it up a little. I end up going overboard and doing a dumb melodramatic thing.