Evil Jim: Week Thirty
05-19-03 through 05-23-03






Director's Commentary


Special thanks to www.atlapedia.com for the map, and Matt for suggesting the idea with the smiling Pat faces in the first place.

"Korea's Dr. Evil" was the text from the cover of Newsweek with whoever that guy is on the cover. He must be evil. He must die.

Simon Cowell isn't necessarily evil, but...aarrgh! Why does American Idol have to expand to two hours and preempt 24???? DIE FOX DIE! To tell you the truth, I really have nothing against the guy. I mean, he actually has the balls to tell people how much they suck. And he gets paid for it! Damn, if I ever tried to put somebody in their place I'd get a few limbs broken.


No, I don't have delusions of grandeur in real life. At least, I've never considered myself close to being a god or anything.

In this strip, I was originally going to knock on the door of the White House and offer George W. Bush a box of donuts in exchange for control of the USA. He would have agreed, of course. I decided that I'd better not control the country just yet, and at the last minute made this strip.


Okay, before you religious fanatics decide to lynch me, let me point out that the next four strips were Dave's idea. He's the Little Blue Super Jew wrestler and the founder of what are today referred to as the Religious Radicalz. One day at the mall he pitched the idea of me attempting to conquer the Holy Land and he steps in to stop me. Although I'm a God-fearing man, I believe he does have a sense of humor. So I had little fear when making these next few strips.