Evil Jim: Week Twenty-One
03-17-03 through 03-21-03






Director's Commentary


One of the few times you get a good look at the inside of our room. I don't do backgrounds very much because of the way I draw the strips. When I draw the images I'm not sure exactly what size the frame is going to be, and for cut'n'paste jobs where I'd need to swap out parts of bodies a background would just get in the way and become mangled.

Yeah, one of my sleeves isn't black. I don't think I'll ever go back and fix it.

This strip was basically a desperate attempt to show the reader that my character isn't really evil, but tries to be. This is something that will get touched upon at the end of Year One.


This strip gets its name for the real bad job I did drawing the first two pannels.

Monday, March 17th, 2003 is the date Rurouni Kenshin began airing on Cartoon Network. Edited of course. Matt and Pat are avid Kenshin fans and absolutely loathe the thought that the horrible English dub is being shown to mindless Toonami Otakus (who are not real otakus by any means). I used Matt's infuriation as my inspiration for this strip.

Oddly enough, Matt used this strip as his own inspiration when he made the Crimson Christian guest strips that I featured during May 2003.

For those who don't know: Williams Street is the production company that works for Cartoon Network. They produce the Toonami and Adult Swim programming blocks.


I had no other ideas.

Just because Pat's wearing a MegaTokyo tee-shirt does not mean I hate the webcomic. In fact I read it three times a week. Unless it's not updated. As noted before, I like to clothe the characters in shirts that reflect the habits of their real-life counterparts.

Pat's thoughts on this strip: Wow I'm dumb.