Evil Jim: Week Nineteen
02-24-03 through 02-28-03






Director's Commentary


Matt begged me to put his Ark of the Covenant personal transportation vehicle in the strip, so there it is. Just the fact that I agreed to draw it will probably cause me to suffer the same fate as those dumb Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

My first college roommate (not Jon) used to call all cartoons "anime." A valid misunderstanding. I set him straight.


"Jim, why number 665?" Weeeellll....nah, I won't tell you yet.

You probably noticed that whenever I shoot Pat's head it appears to pop like a bubble, spewing the eyeballs and brains. I'm not good with excessive gore, and also think that excessive gore is a bit...excessive. So that's all you really see. Oh, and the top of his spinal column sticking out of his neck. The thing I'm really sorry for is the fact that I ruined his nice Spider-Man tee-shirt.


I decided to put my family in because they all read the strip (well, except for Nana who can't use a computer) and like it. So the're all here saying what I figure they would say.

I didn't go with actual word balloons this time because it would be too busy. Also, I should have reversed everything so that the first person talking is on the left, it would have made things much easier to do. Now I'm stuck with the problem of their "lines" going straight through my head. So I removed the lines except for Pete's, cuz his didn't get in the way. So it's a little confusing. Yeah, I'm not happy with the layout but I'm too lazy to change it.