Evil Jim: Week Seventeen
02-10-03 through 02-14-03






Director's Commentary


Steve's punchline in 054 was very clever, so I decided to use it despite the fact that I have three older siblings. My sister Chris and her husband Pete were living at my parents' house at the time, waiting for their new house to finish construction. Shortly after this strip was published their house was finished and they moved out, leaving Dad to do all the chores once again.

I like to put things on people's shirts to further elaborate their character. Pete gets a PS2 tee for his addiction to the PlayStation, Steve has a Zelda shirt and Alex has a Diablo II shirt. Hmm...I just realized that almost everyone I know is addicted to video games.


Steve has played almost every Zelda game all the way through. This strip establishes a plot point that I never again elaborate on in Year One. It's in the works for late in Year Two.

For Pat's birthday I asked him to write his own strip.

This strip was made fully vertical because the panels were too wide to make a 2x2 square fit on many people's computer monitors. You low-res jerks. Upgrade to 1024x768 already!