Evil Jim: Week Sixteen
02-03-03 through 02-07-03






Director's Commentary


I couldn't think of anything funny for my return home. So I made a weather joke. Jeez, you'd think I live in Minessota.


Yeah, Mom always barages me with a million questions when I get home. Questions asked in this strip are either direct quotes from her or completely random cult references that she wouldn't understand. Props to Bob Barker, Strong Bad, and Cats.


Steve's eyebrow is too big. And I have a really funky pose for no reason.

No, my family doesn't just pull guns on me at random. Although if they did own guns, they probably would the way I act sometimes.

What Steve says in panel 2 is completely stupid for reasons that will be explained in 055. I decided to stick with the line despite the fact because it sounded clever.