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Solid Snake in a Box #1

Solid Snake in a Box #2

Go Go Gadget Cosplayer!


I was separated from my friends, and started to feel backed into a corner.
This guy came along and helped me out.

The Crimson Christian (aka Matt) as Youji from Weib Kreuz.

They stand perfectly still when you're shooting at them in the game, too.

Guess what Japanese band these fellas were in line to see?

The best Trigun cosplayers ever. That cross was fully detailed and weighed 35 pounds.



Me with the bitchin' cross. Matt went around screaming "Wonka's lost it! Run for your lives!"

The Wonka-off. Apparently the nature of a Wonka-off is simply me wanting to have a fighting pose with another Wonka.

I didn't know Bender enjoyed Pocky.

A very cool Buddy Christ and one of two Tenchi cosplayers I saw at the con.

This guy mounted a soapbox and preached the word. And it was good.

They were selling Master Swords in the dealer's room, but this guy already had some killer props.

Now that would be an interesting anime crossover...

Of the many Mario & Luigi pairs at the con, these were the only ones who brought supplies.

I don't know why this Sim had a selection icon. I couldn't get him to do anything I told him to.

Cute Tetris piece.

One of the better looking Wolfwoods.


The game of kickball. A friend of mine dressed as John Cena is on the escalator.

Pocky dude gave me Pocky. He was by default the best cosplayer at the con.

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