The New York Comic Con 2008 Report

Josh managed to secure free tickets to NYCC, and asked me if I would fly up to New York for a visit. I was more than eager, especially considering Matt Williams and a bunch of friends from upstate were also attending. Peter Tatara, the Anime Society of Ithaca College president from 2004-2005 (and the ASIC Secretary from "End of Evil") was organizing the event.

It was a great weekend. Unfortunately, because the con was so huge, I only got to see my friends for a few short minutes before we had to split up again. It was still nice to see many pals from Saratoga, Hudson Falls, and Ithaca for a little while.

The biggest news from the con trip was Josh's comic, Fenix Gear. After talking to several comic vendors, he sat down with Tokyopop and they gave him a lot of encouragement to submit FG for their Rising Stars of Manga compillation.


Matt from Evil Jim dressed as S-Mart Ash, flanked by friends Cait and Tyler

Ben 10 and I have a love/hate relationship. We love to hate each other.
I also fail at the Stephen Colbert pointing pose.

From left: Cait, Reid (as the 10th Doctor), Matt, Tyler, and Cait

Peter and Josh, Evil Jim guest stars, assuming the Team Venture pose

This Killing Joke Joker was on the LIRR with us Saturday Morning on the way to the con