10am through 10:30pm Saturday, April 24, 2004
Center for Natural Sciences room 112

Because it was 24-Hour Comic Book Day, and because I don't care that much for Naruto, I didn't attend this 'thon. But the future ASIC secretary and Evil Jim guest star, Josh Breidbart, was a cool dude and jotted down a timelog for everybody. The following is a section from his ASIC newsletter, "1,000 Years of Pain! - The Weekly Baka"


Here’s how the marathon played out by time sheet...

10:00 AM: 7 people here. We wait another 15 minutes

10:15 AM: With a grand total of 10 people, we start the marathon. Josh is hungry.

10:35 AM: Josh and Doug leave for breakfast goodness. All callouts in reference to Jesus made while Josh was gone were lost forever.

11:05 AM: Josh returns and the marathon continues. 3 people have left, and only 1 new face. The count is now 8. ASIC is showing signs of deterioration since the new exec board was elected. (I’m looking at you Peter.)

11:20 AM: Ravi arrives. There is much rejoicing. Count is 9.

11:26 AM: Carolyn arrives. More rejoicing. We are back up to 10 people. YATTA!

12:44 PM: Josh looks up from the anime and sees there are now only 6 people. (GOD DAMMIT!)

1:30 PM: 1/3rd of the Thon is over. Total count is about 9. Josh craves Turkey.

2:00 PM: 1st contest. Carolyn’s entry forsakes all others before her.

2:20 PM: Naruto-thon picks up at episode 60. Count is at 10 (I think).

2:29 PM: Neji/Naruto Fight starts. Josh needs change of pants.

3:21 PM: Neji/Naruto Fight ends. Josh needs another change of pants.

4:35 PM: Jim leaves for date. Our prayers go out with him. Count is now 9.

5:50 PM: We take an early break for dinner and rescuing a cat out of a tree. Thon is officially 2/3rds over.

6:15 PM: Contest 2 Ends with Collin victorious. Episode 70, Shikamaru’s episode, starts.

6:25 PM: Jim comes back from date. Josh enjoys some ice cream. Count is at 11…a new record.

7:00 PM: Samantha arrives in formal dress. We’re up to 12 people….YEAH!

8:00 PM: Gaara’s 3 episode long back-story begins.

8:20 PM: Jim yawns. Josh realizes he’s running out of things to say.

9:10 OM: Episode 78 starts. Final Fight reaches its high point. EVERYONE needs a new pair of pants.

9:24 PM: It is revealed that the demon inside of Gaara is a giant sand raccoon. Five people in the audience lose faith in the series.

9:25 PM: All faith in the series is restored (fight is THAT good). Josh sees he spelt PM as OM in the 9:10 time slot. But instead of changing it, he figured it was best to leave it as is.

10:12 PM: Naruto-thon (finally) ends. BOOYA!!! Final count: 13 people!


Ah, the callouts. I have to say, you guys are slacking. Watching the anime instead of mocking them? You guys got rusty! The callouts people made 1st semester during Naruto used to be the best. What is this now; you just want to sit and enjoy it? How troublesome... anyway, here are the callouts...

Is it me or has his toothpick grown?

Those Frenchies!

In my finger.

There is no Gaara, only ZUUL!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Because you’re a girl and you’re incapable of evil, daughter of eve.

Bow before me!

This isn’t the Gaara we all know and hate...

I don’t want to fight either of them.

Damn you, Josh.


The elastic face.

You can’t hit ‘em if you close your eyes.


Summon Umbrella no Jitsu.

Why summon a frog when you can summon an umbrella?

They must have terrible depth perception.

They feed off chocolate.

They speak in sand.

Kick him in the crotch!

He IS a pirate.

He hit him so hard his pupils exploded.

Poor dental hygiene: GO!

Suck it, Gaara!

Stay away from the light, Naruto!

Like a ninja or something.

You know you’re fucked when...

There is no power greater than X.

They’re an inbred family.

And now to interview Sasuke about his stamina are two giggling girls.

Did they actually pay to listen to this?


Fly like ya like it.


So it’s true, dogs CAN sense evil.

Stupid heroine.

Chocolate Replacement Technique.

And there you have it. While Josh was taking in way too much anime in one sitting, I was busting my ass making EJ166-173 and 423. Stay tuned for more marathon maddness next year. Thank you so much Josh, and I hope you enjoy your cameos beginning in EJ173.

-Jim Whaley
Awake from 10:45pm Friday - 1:30am Sunday. But not because of the 'thon.