Mid-Evil Jim -- Diet Jim -- Buy Jim -- Cute Jim -- Anal Jim

These strips were created mostly because I can't just go through a typical day without drawing something. The Mid-Evil Jim strips were inspired by my experiences in Professor Stephen Clancy's medieval architecture class. The Diet Jim strips were based on real-life happenings at Ithaca College. The Buy Jim strips were inspired by the randomness that is the Anime Society of Ithaca College. The Cute Jim strips were based on my life after graduating Ithaca College, although a few Diet Jim strips post-graduation featured return visits. (Title inspired by Josh Lesnik's deceased comic Cute Wendy.) The Anal Jim strips were created by Josh Breidbart and (reluctantly) drawn by me, based on Josh's perception of my anal-retentive attitude. Click at your own risk.

These strips are presented in production order and follow no continuity save their own.

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