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The Post-Genericon XVIII Overview

Troy, NY. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. January 29, 2005. I've only been to Genericon once before, in 2003, and enjoyed the large webcomic panel they had there. People like Ian J. of RPGWorld and Josh Phillips of Avalon attended and there was much hilarity. Many Trogdor jokes were made, as that particular Strong Bad e-mail had just been released. Anywho, Matt (aka Crimson Christian, you know this by now) and I went with a plethora of friends and spent over 24 hours hanging out with fellow gamers and otaku. But I have to say the highlight of the trip was the prestige that came with being a member of the Optimus Prime Pit Crew.

One of our friends, Reid, is a huge Transformers fan. And he showed it by going to the con as Optimus Prime. Wearing several boxes worth of cardboard and about a half roll of duct tape, Reidimus Prime got some of the most attention at the con. Matt, me, Reid's brother Dan, and a few others helped him in and out of the suit, as well as assisted in repairing anything that fell off. It was pretty well made, considering he danced for about seven minutes inside the thing and all he lost was a shoulder. He took home the Judges' Choice award at the Cosplay contest. On a sad note, he was not only mistakenly referred to as a Gundam by con-goers, but some also thought he was a Medabot or...ugh...a Digimon. Come on, people! Stupid children of the 90' guys missed a great decade. (When the time came to do karaoke, I made a sign that said "NOT A GUNDAM --->" to educate the unenlightened.

There was another webcomic panel, Chris Battey of Scatterplot and Josh Phillips were there again, as well as Rob Balder, who does a webcomic called PartiallyClips. After that there was Name That Anime Theme, which I scored fairly well even though I mixed up the .hack//SIGN opening and ending. Dan videotaped a lot of the karaoke, including Matt, Reidimus and myself singing the MegasXLR and Teen Titans themes. Quite an enjoyable time indeed.

Reid and Dan were passing out stickers to Dan's comic Dwarf Tossing. Go check it out.

Want to see Reidimus doing the Aquaman booty dance, or a clip from the MegasXLR karaoke? E-mail me. Sorry, I don't have the bandwidth to make these movies available on-line.

And now, pictures! (Some of these are blurry because I didn't have the flash on, so the exposure time was long enough to cause streaking as my hand isn't the steadiest thing in the world.)

Reid is outfitted as Optimus Prime shortly after arriving at the convention.

Matt feeling up Prime's chest plate (or rather, holding Reid steady) as Reid's girlfriend helps adjust the legs.

Optimus Prime, ready to roll out.

The power of Christ protects the Crimson Christian from creepy otaku.

Because we all know trucks can't walk up stairs. Dan and Reid exiting the elevator to the video game floor.
Dan's not wearing a costume, but some people still asked him who he was cosplaying.

Transformer: Robato Incognito.

Our friend Casey (on the right) playing the new Munchkin Bites game with other convention-goers.

Optimus takes a pit stop while Dan and Matt talk about what to do next.

The Great Hall at 10am on a Saturday morning. This place got a lot busier later on.

Cosplayers for Fullmetal Alchemist. I've gotta get around to watching that show.
(That costume was a lot more flexible than Reid's)

Random cosplayers, including one of the Eva technicians, Zelda, and a pretty cool Vyse.
"Skies of Arcadia" kicked ass.

Matt, Reid, and me singing the MegasXLR theme. (for full video, e-mail me)

Until next year, this is the guy formerly known as Evil Jim signing off.

-Jim Whaley