35 episodes back to back to back to back to back...

7pm Friday, February 27 through 9am Saturday, February 28, 2004
Center for Natural Sciences room 112

One hour ago I was among friends and watching an incredibly hilarious episode of an incredibly bizzare anime. And that's just Fumoffu. Having only seen the first two episodes beforehand, the full 24-episode season was very different than what I expected. There was a nice blend of rock 'em, sock 'em bot-on-bot action and character interaction and development. Plus there were many mysteries to solve, such as who was that black woman in the row of saluting soldiers in the opening theme? The answer came in around episode 19. She's the submarine's doctor. Did I mention we made a LOT of SeaQuest DSV jokes, submarine/whale sound effects with the funky whale-shaped submarine, and even a few Big O quotes with the Behemoth? Though I don't think anybody knew what I was talking about when I kept yelling at the submarine for running straight into the "whiskers" (our screen's POV, presumably a camera) and the talking dolphin. At any rate, the second season, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, was an 11-episode/15-chapter series of light-hearted character episodes that focused on the main characters keeping up the high school facade, without all the emotional baggage the military backdrop provided in season one. Plus we got to see stiff-lipped Sosuke dress as a huge Hamtaro knock-off and yell the words "Fumo fumo fumoffu!" over and over. Yes, that's where the show got it's title.

This year I came better supplied:

2 cans Red Bull
1 1L bottle Mountain Dew: Code Red
2 loaves bread
1 jar of peanut butter
1 bag Pepperidge Farm Milano Double Chocolate cookies
1 1+1/2 oz bag Rold Gold Classic Twists
1 6.5 oz bag Planter's Chocolate Covered Cashews [which I didn't open until I started typing this review]
1 .64 lb bag Gummy Raspberries
2 Quaker Fruit + Oatmeal Apple Crisp bars
1 pillow
1 blanket
1 sketchbook w/pen + pencil
1 cell phone (for emergencies, penlight and clock)
lots of tissues

The following timeline is transcribed from my chicken-scratch in the dark as I tried to write down events that happened while eyeballing the subtitles racing across the screen while illuminating the paper with my phone's LED. (Yes ,I copied that sentence from last year cuz I did the exact same thing.) While the live action events were less and the on-screen action was more, quotes came flowing from our mouths and attention riveted to the screen. Who needs a pajama contest when you have a hot springs episode? Also, Carolyn, Art, and Samantha were unable to attend, which dampened the hilarity of the evening. But President Jim Classic compensated by showing some very awesome music videos that I now need to download. The log is as follows:

Friday, February 27, 2004

6:59pm - Arrive at CNS. We wait for this one guy [codenamed Soppy] to arrive. Jim Classic plays AMVs.
7:00 - We do not, contrary to rumors, send "a detachment of ASIC troops" over to the music building recital that used posters for their event to lure people away from our marathon with the phrase "Because anime is for loosers." Jim Classic has already scribbled on many of the posters "recitals" in place of "anime."
7:33 - Episode 1 begins. 20 people have gathered to experience this event.
8:03 - Anime: "What would the KGB accomplish by kidnapping an ordinary high school girl?" Ex-Prez: "I can think of a few things."
8:05 - I kick my Mountain Dew bottle over, and then stupidly decide to open it for a sip. At the risk of sounding like an anime charaacter... CODE RED EXPLOSION! I run to the bathroom to get towels, while disturbing the view of several people in my row and behind.
8:37  "Eyebrows."
9:03 - Volume 2 of the FMP! DVDs is put into the player for episode 5, but they accidentally chose the dub audio track. We all reel in horror and I make an astute observation about a character doing a briefing: "Isn't that the same voice that tells you to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times?"
9:10 - Pantless Anime Chick: "I can't walk outside like this."  Jim Classic: "It's anime, of course you can!"
~9:30 - Someone in the anime mentions that the state-of-the-art super submarine (latter dubbed "Toy Box" by the bad guys) only cost $5 million. We laugh.
11:47 - Break #1 begins, AMVs continue to delight and horrify.
supplemental - I give one of my Red Bull cans to a guy next to me and he has his first Red Bull experience. He's a bit giddy for a while afterward. One person runs over to adjacent room 115 (which shares a projection room with 112) and we can see through the projection room that he's playing Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on that screen.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

12:17am - Marathon resumes with episode 13.
12:32 - "Sproing!"
1:20 - Mountain Dew exhausted.
supplemental - "TAKATORI!"
2:40 - Jimmer?! You can't give any character the name Jimmer! I don't care if he's a redshirt! That is a bastardization of the name!
3:42 - Guy Taking Over Toy Box Submarine to Destroy It with Him Onboard: "It'll be a most expensive suicide." ASIC Member: "Yeah...$5 million suicide."
4:03 - We speculate the possibility of a mobile suit musical.
4:10 - Sign: "Don't worry, everything's gonna happy. [heart shape]" Soppy: "Happy isn't a verb!"
4:18 - Ex-Prez: "I think 'on patrol' means 'you're dead'."
4:19 - Jim Classic sums up the final story arc: "What a shitty vacation."
4:22 - Season one completed, break #2. I make myself a PB sandwich, to compensate for all the crap I've eaten otherwise. This later turns out to be a good move as I nearly avoided an hour-long trip to the john in the middle of writing this review post-marathon.
4:34 - "Is he playing Disgaea over there? He is the biggest f**king dork."
4:37 - "Hello Kitty is super-duper bomb-bomb hum-diggy jiggy-jiggy."
4:43 - Marathon resumes with the first episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu.
5:06 - Jim Classic: "I want a gun with a ribbon on it."
5:41 - Eric: "That joke does not get a high five." Jim Classic: "Yes it does." Eric: "Fine."
6:31 - Insane Janitor with Chainsaw warrants a "Groovy."
7:10 - Captain: "Sagara and I used to play together." Jim Classic: "In Cambodia."
7:33 - "Why are hot springs episodes always so fun?"
7:52 - A bad guy holding hostages wears a gaudy black suit with bright purple vertical stripes. Jim Classic: "That man should die."
8:41 - Marathon ends with the final chapter of Fumoffu. 14 people remain. My extra preparation pays off, as there is one oatmeal bar, the bag of cashews, and half a bag of Milanos remaining.

Full Metal Panic! was only 24 episodes long, and Fumoffu only 11 episodes (four eps are divided into two chapters, making a total of 15 distinct stories), so we got out very early, much to my relief. Now I have time to work on that paper due Monday! ^_^ Thanks to everyone who provided the funny comments. I'm sure the club secretary got a bunch that I missed. Check out ASIC at for the quotes. Good morning, and good night.

-Jim Whaley
Awake from 6:35pm Friday - 10:20am Saturday. Not a record by any means.