The following is an AOL Instant Messenger conversation I (JAdoubleyou) had with Pat (TheLastTankMage) on the afternoon of September 4, 2003. I was in my dorm at Ithaca College with nothing to do, and he was sitting at home with nothing to do. To make things a little less confusing I'll interject some out-of-computer action, but this conversation has not been altered except for the change of abbreviations to their full wordage in case you didn't know what they stood for. This has also not been censored. My evil counterpart has a potty mouth, so look out.

Pat has just gotten his schedule for Adirondak Commuity College's fall semester, which begins the following week.

TheLastTankMage (3:38:27 PM): woohoo my schedule came
JAdoubleyou (3:38:51 PM): well that's a pretty small margin of error
JAdoubleyou (3:39:00 PM): It's September 4.
TheLastTankMage (3:39:06 PM): hehe yea, ACC is slow as snails
TheLastTankMage (3:39:52 PM): my semester would be really easy if it wasnt for the math and Psych classes im taking
TheLastTankMage (3:40:00 PM): they are my only hard classes
TheLastTankMage (3:40:37 PM): basicly my morning is fun, and my afternoon is boring
JAdoubleyou (3:41:30 PM): lol

Jim reads an article about a new Sonic game being planned. [This will become Sonic Heroes a year later]

JAdoubleyou (3:42:28 PM): dude
TheLastTankMage (3:42:39 PM): the odd thing is, you have to take 2 non lab sciences, so usually people pick one of the 3 sciences and do classes of it, i did Anthro, and now im doing Psych
JAdoubleyou (3:42:44 PM): Sonic Adventure 3
TheLastTankMage (3:42:46 PM): ?
TheLastTankMage (3:42:49 PM): oh neat
TheLastTankMage (3:42:55 PM): what system?
JAdoubleyou (3:43:03 PM): I pretty much never even dreamed they'd make one
JAdoubleyou (3:43:15 PM): get this: Multi-platform
TheLastTankMage (3:43:22 PM): w000t!
JAdoubleyou (3:43:28 PM): This is awesome!
TheLastTankMage (3:43:42 PM): the second you said that i was all afraid they would do it on a GC or XBox
JAdoubleyou (3:43:49 PM): sometime in 2003, probably fall
TheLastTankMage (3:43:54 PM): schweet
JAdoubleyou (3:43:55 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (3:44:13 PM): It's definitely gonna be on GC, there are already Sonic games for that
JAdoubleyou (3:44:24 PM): It's really weird, tho...playing a Sonic game on another system...
TheLastTankMage (3:44:32 PM): yea i know
TheLastTankMage (3:44:36 PM): makes you miss the DC
JAdoubleyou (3:46:21 PM): well, the DC controller sucked
JAdoubleyou (3:46:31 PM): the GC controller is cool
TheLastTankMage (3:46:33 PM): so does the x-box
JAdoubleyou (3:46:37 PM): yeah
TheLastTankMage (3:47:51 PM): .... there is this fly hovering all around me and its driving me insain
JAdoubleyou (3:49:14 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (3:49:24 PM): We get flies sometimes
JAdoubleyou (3:49:26 PM): I hate them
TheLastTankMage (3:50:15 PM): yea i know, and its odd, we never have alot, its always just 1 fly, and the fly seems to love to see how close he can get to you
JAdoubleyou (3:51:52 PM): there's never more than one fly
JAdoubleyou (3:52:00 PM): but once that fly is killed, another appears
JAdoubleyou (3:52:34 PM): brb
JAdoubleyou (3:54:33 PM): back
TheLastTankMage (3:54:41 PM): no your not
JAdoubleyou (3:55:36 PM): sure I am
JAdoubleyou (3:55:38 PM): see?
JAdoubleyou (3:55:56 PM): ::is back::
TheLastTankMage (3:56:00 PM): nope your still gone, this is your evil twin
JAdoubleyou (3:56:00 PM): so there
JAdoubleyou (3:56:15 PM): No no no, if I was my evil twin I'd be using red font.
JAdoubleyou (3:57:05 PM): Like this! Bwahahaha, now that I have been unleashed none can stop my plot to destroy the universe!
TheLastTankMage (3:57:16 PM): i would respond, but im to busy lising to Zorak Kick your ass
JAdoubleyou (3:57:24 PM): LOL
JAdoubleyou (3:57:32 PM): Hook me up with that shit.
JAdoubleyou (3:57:52 PM): wait...that's not an .mp3 file, is it?
TheLastTankMage (3:57:56 PM): yea
JAdoubleyou (3:58:16 PM): You actually were referring to the fact that Zorak was beating me up because I'm evil, right?
TheLastTankMage (3:58:46 PM): no i mean the mp3 of Zorak singing Kick Your Ass
JAdoubleyou (3:59:04 PM): Then hook me up with that shit and you will be spared from my evil plans...for now.
TheLastTankMage (3:59:39 PM): and Zorak wouldnt kick your ass cause your evil, he would kick your ass so he can take over your evil plans, only he would make sure to add in a part where he kicks everyone ass one by one
JAdoubleyou (3:59:49 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (3:59:58 PM): Well, he probably wouldn't like my evil plans.
JAdoubleyou (4:00:03 PM): They don't match is style.
JAdoubleyou (4:00:14 PM): See, I'm a calculated, cold, ironic sort of evil.
JAdoubleyou (4:00:21 PM): Zorak just wants to screw everybody.
JAdoubleyou (4:00:42 PM): I'd screw everybody, but they wouldn't know that it was me screwing them, nor would they find out they were screwed until it was too late.
JAdoubleyou (4:01:08 PM): I would totally, mercilessly ruin everyone's lives, much like what Cartman did in that one episode where that kid sold Cartman his pubes.
JAdoubleyou (4:01:14 PM): Man that episode was fucked up.
TheLastTankMage (4:01:30 PM): yes
TheLastTankMage (4:01:41 PM): did you ever watch that link i sent you yesterday?
TheLastTankMage (4:01:47 PM): you where away when i sent it

Pat had sent a trailer for The Animatrix. This is the first time I heard its official name.

JAdoubleyou (4:01:53 PM): oh yeah
JAdoubleyou (4:02:03 PM): Jim watched it.
TheLastTankMage (4:02:10 PM): he like it?
JAdoubleyou (4:02:12 PM): Hang on, he has an opinion on the subject.
TheLastTankMage (4:02:19 PM): k
JAdoubleyou (4:02:32 PM): Dude, that is such a suck-@$$ name
JAdoubleyou (4:02:54 PM): but I can't wait to watch it.
TheLastTankMage (4:02:55 PM): *rips Jims head off and hands it to evil Jim*
JAdoubleyou (4:02:59 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (4:03:10 PM): Thank you for your support.
JAdoubleyou (4:03:16 PM): Yeah, thanks.
TheLastTankMage (4:03:17 PM): soright
JAdoubleyou (4:03:35 PM): The Animatrix? Just call it the Matrix Anime
JAdoubleyou (4:03:46 PM): Animatrix sounds like Animaniacs!
JAdoubleyou (4:04:06 PM): Listen, you've gotta help me.
JAdoubleyou (4:04:26 PM): Evil Me has been keeping me in the back of my brain watching Hamtaro on ten separate screens.
JAdoubleyou (4:04:45 PM): Stop him before it's--
JAdoubleyou (4:04:58 PM): Hey! Did ya miss me?
JAdoubleyou (4:05:51 PM): Like I was saying, I'm the opposite of Jim. So that means, instead of wanting to entertain people, I'm going to make them hate what they're "entertained" by so much, they'll want to gouge their eyes out!
TheLastTankMage (4:06:01 PM): *has a image of Evil Jim walking into a bar and going "Hey everybody!!" and everyone else going "Hey Evil Jim!!" and then some sitcom opening music playing*
JAdoubleyou (4:06:14 PM): That's why I'm going to remake A Clockwork Orange, only more gruesome
JAdoubleyou (4:06:17 PM): lol
TheLastTankMage (4:06:24 PM): ah ha
JAdoubleyou (4:06:25 PM): It's the Evil Jim Show!
JAdoubleyou (4:06:37 PM): ...that gives me an idea.
TheLastTankMage (4:06:45 PM): god help us
JAdoubleyou (4:07:11 PM): ::uses creative drive to drive Evil Jim back into the scummy recesses of his brain where he belongs::
JAdoubleyou (4:07:43 PM): <corny superhero> The only place you belong, Evil Jim, is the place that doesn't exist anywhere. </corny superhero>
JAdoubleyou (4:08:02 PM): Dude that gives me an awesome idea for a comic strip.
JAdoubleyou (4:08:11 PM): Evil Jim. It's perfect.
JAdoubleyou (4:08:53 PM): ::dies laughing::
JAdoubleyou (4:09:10 PM): ...dude, Good Me is dead and I didn't have to do anything.
TheLastTankMage (4:09:16 PM): hehe
JAdoubleyou (4:09:18 PM): 5w33t!!!
TheLastTankMage (4:09:32 PM): yea good me always was a little slow
JAdoubleyou (4:09:50 PM): I think I'll make this a running gag.
TheLastTankMage (4:09:52 PM): always had to remind him to breath, he forgots easy
JAdoubleyou (4:10:15 PM): I see
JAdoubleyou (4:10:28 PM): I'll have to keep that in mind when I do my own sadistic evil laugh.
JAdoubleyou (4:10:45 PM): Well, I'm gonna go do some stuff somewhere else right now.
JAdoubleyou (4:10:55 PM): Plotting and schemeing, that sort of thing. Catch you later.
TheLastTankMage (4:10:57 PM): yea 9 outta 10 evil villians die from sadistic laughing
JAdoubleyou (4:11:02 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (4:11:06 PM): That gives me an idea now.
TheLastTankMage (4:11:21 PM): your raging with ideas
JAdoubleyou (4:11:28 PM): The Villain Counter-Laugh Breath Bag.
TheLastTankMage (4:11:41 PM): hey you will make a killing
JAdoubleyou (4:11:49 PM): For those villians who tend to hyperventilate.
TheLastTankMage (4:12:06 PM): all other villians with rely on you, so you will control all the villians of the world
JAdoubleyou (4:12:07 PM): It's just a paper bag with my name on it, but it costs...
JAdoubleyou (4:12:10 PM): ...wait for it....
JAdoubleyou (4:12:24 PM): $99 99 99.99!!!!!!!!!
TheLastTankMage (4:13:00 PM): only a penny short of a mill .... you clever bastard
JAdoubleyou (4:13:17 PM): hee hee

Half an hour later, I was hard at work on strip 001 and the logo.

TheLastTankMage (5:43:19 PM): you wouldnt happen to know when the borders up here closes?
JAdoubleyou (5:43:25 PM): nope
TheLastTankMage (5:44:17 PM): oh cool i just found out myself
TheLastTankMage (5:44:22 PM): they close at 11, perfect
JAdoubleyou (5:44:36 PM): Dude I didn't know they were open that late
JAdoubleyou (5:48:33 PM): Okay, my Ultimate Master Plan is complete.
JAdoubleyou (5:48:59 PM): You feel the inexplicable, yet irresistable, urge to maximize your IM window.

Minutes pass.

JAdoubleyou (5:52:12 PM): FEEL IT!!!!!!

Still more minutes pass.

JAdoubleyou (5:55:09 PM): maaaaaaaaaan, I really want to show you this.

2 1/2 hours later...

TheLastTankMage (8:24:57 PM): you me what?
JAdoubleyou (8:25:31 PM): Ah, you're finally back.
TheLastTankMage (8:25:55 PM): had to buy my school books, and Blade 2
JAdoubleyou (8:25:57 PM): Prepare yourself, mortal, for my most diabolical and ingenious idea every! (Which I stole partly from you)
JAdoubleyou (8:26:02 PM): shweet
JAdoubleyou (8:26:24 PM): Behold NEW SERIES 33!
JAdoubleyou (8:26:36 PM): [maximize window]
JAdoubleyou wants to directly connect (8:26:43 PM).
TheLastTankMage is now directly connected (8:26:44 PM).

JAdoubleyou (8:26:59 PM): Or, as I affectionately call it...
JAdoubleyou (8:27:08 PM):
TheLastTankMage (8:27:33 PM): why do you have the nike logo on your forhead?
JAdoubleyou (8:27:46 PM): lol that's my split-curl
TheLastTankMage (8:28:03 PM): Just Do It!!!
JAdoubleyou (8:28:13 PM): I didn't mean for it to look like that, but it's cooler-looking than my original idea
JAdoubleyou (8:28:23 PM): man, you're ruining it!!!!
TheLastTankMage (8:28:48 PM): FroMan!!! with his mightly Nike logo of DOOOOM
JAdoubleyou (8:28:58 PM): Okay, you're dying in the next strip.
JAdoubleyou (8:29:06 PM): speaking of which...
TheLastTankMage (8:29:07 PM): hehehehe
JAdoubleyou (8:29:19 PM):
TheLastTankMage (8:29:59 PM): LOL
TheLastTankMage (8:30:51 PM): i like the way you drew yourself, i be perfectly honest ... it looks like a real Web comic
JAdoubleyou (8:31:05 PM): heh, well it doesn't take much, does it?
TheLastTankMage (8:31:06 PM): and i mean a good one
JAdoubleyou (8:31:13 PM): I don't think so.
TheLastTankMage (8:31:17 PM): like one with good art
JAdoubleyou (8:31:18 PM): I mean, look at MegaTokyo and Exploitation Now
TheLastTankMage (8:31:36 PM): well ok maybe not THAT quality art, but cartoony good art
TheLastTankMage (8:31:41 PM): like PVP
TheLastTankMage (8:31:47 PM): only ... not ... as ... good
JAdoubleyou (8:32:01 PM): ah-HA!

I make a buddy icon with the Evil Jim logo on it. (This was back in the day when you had to approve each new buddy icon yourself.)

JAdoubleyou (8:32:40 PM): get my new icon, bitch
TheLastTankMage (8:33:06 PM): no i will never sucumb to your evil icon and be forced to it evil ways!!!
JAdoubleyou (8:34:34 PM): yes you will!
TheLastTankMage (8:34:46 PM): but im serious, it looks really good, and it DOES look like a good web comic, let me put it this way, i have seen ALOT of web comics that look ALOT worse
JAdoubleyou (8:35:00 PM): Yeah, like the stuff on KeenSpace.

Eleven months later Pat's webcomic, Evil Penguin, will move to KeenSpace.

TheLastTankMage (8:35:05 PM): hehe
TheLastTankMage (8:37:02 PM): oh and hey look its your evil icon .... hEY wait a minute!!
TheLastTankMage (8:37:25 PM): WHAHAHAHA
JAdoubleyou (8:37:28 PM): Yes! YES!!!
JAdoubleyou (8:37:38 PM): You have been corrupted by the evilness!
JAdoubleyou (8:37:56 PM): actually you need to pick a color that is the opposite of your current color, so you'd be more black
TheLastTankMage (8:37:59 PM): My evilness is a darker shade of red then your evilness
JAdoubleyou (8:38:07 PM): you wouldn't be red at all.
JAdoubleyou (8:38:19 PM): That's because my shade is more of an opposite to the shade of blue that I use.
TheLastTankMage (8:38:26 PM): ahhhh
JAdoubleyou (8:38:54 PM): I didn't want to use solid Red anyway, that's overused
TheLastTankMage (8:39:08 PM): yea totally
JAdoubleyou (8:39:12 PM): I use an unusual shade. It's more evil that way.
JAdoubleyou (8:39:17 PM): There you go.
JAdoubleyou (8:39:37 PM): Now design a cool logo and make a webcomic, and together we will CONQUER THE UNIVERSE!!!!
TheLastTankMage (8:40:49 PM): so let me get this straght ... we are going to conquer the universe, throught evil logos and webcomics
JAdoubleyou (8:41:06 PM): No, that is only the first step
TheLastTankMage (8:41:24 PM): ah ha i was hoping so
JAdoubleyou (8:41:33 PM): Once we gain a cult following, we will program our minions to spread throught the world.
JAdoubleyou (8:41:58 PM): They will reprogram every DDR machine everywhere to transmit a hypnotic signal to all who play.
JAdoubleyou (8:42:27 PM): And once we have millions under our control, they shall infiltrate broadcast stations worldwide.
JAdoubleyou (8:43:11 PM): Everyone who has a television will see anime, all the time.

Pat's phone rings. Matt Williams, aka CC, is calling.

TheLastTankMage (8:43:19 PM): hold on matts on the evil hotline
JAdoubleyou (8:43:23 PM): And they will like it, because that is what our hypnosis will tell them.
JAdoubleyou (8:43:27 PM): Ok.
JAdoubleyou (8:47:20 PM): Tell him I've got DDR here
TheLastTankMage (8:48:54 PM): he says guess what? he has 7th mix!!!! *does naga laugh*
JAdoubleyou (8:49:00 PM): so?
JAdoubleyou (8:49:03 PM): 7th is hard
TheLastTankMage (8:49:17 PM): for you maybe
JAdoubleyou (8:49:19 PM): I'm fine with 5th.
JAdoubleyou (8:49:25 PM): Besides, it beats not having any.
TheLastTankMage (8:49:43 PM): because you know you cant beat me
TheLastTankMage (8:50:07 PM): but if it makes you feel better mark wupt his ass
TheLastTankMage (8:50:20 PM): and he liked ruin explorers
JAdoubleyou (8:50:52 PM): nice
JAdoubleyou (8:50:57 PM): lol
JAdoubleyou (8:51:03 PM): Mark is still king I see
JAdoubleyou (8:51:23 PM): Alex and I are going to practice. A lot.
TheLastTankMage (8:51:35 PM): he hates freakles so he must die
TheLastTankMage (8:52:28 PM): live sunday on payperview the ultimate tag team DDR match
TheLastTankMage (8:53:44 PM): The 4 horse man explode as the crimson christian and spiderman take on famine and wat
TheLastTankMage (8:54:04 PM): IN A STEEL CAGE PAD!!!!!!!
JAdoubleyou (8:54:07 PM): ...
JAdoubleyou (8:54:11 PM): WTF
TheLastTankMage (8:55:16 PM): matt will email you tommarrow
JAdoubleyou (8:55:20 PM): ok
TheLastTankMage (8:56:46 PM): im gonna go watch Blade 2
TheLastTankMage (8:56:54 PM): and practice on my evilness
JAdoubleyou (8:57:31 PM): ok
JAdoubleyou (8:57:32 PM): later
TheLastTankMage (8:57:45 PM): cya
TheLastTankMage direct connection is closed (8:57:49 PM).