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YEAR ONE:  September 4, 2002 - May 30, 2003

Strip 001:  BWA-HA-HA  (09-04-02)
The first strip was an advertisement for a 10-cent paper bag that helps to stop least it worked on Goof Troop.

Strip 002:  It's Pat!  (09-05-02)
The introduction of Evil Jim's staple throwaway character.

Strip 003:  No Chicks  (09-06-02)
Strip 004:  Yes Chicks  (09-07-02)
Jim tries to form an evil plan that involves Jen's sexy bod.

Strips 005-024  (09-09-02 through 10-25-02)
Jim accidentally creates a giant Teletubbie monster and unwittingly unleashes it on some random city. First appearances of Alex Cain and Matt Williams as the Crimson Christian.

Strip 025:  Special Halloween Strip  (10-31-02)
The cast of Evil Jim decked out in their costumes of choice.

Strip 026:  I, A.I.  (11-04-02)
The introduction of Jim's supercomputer. Just call him Frank.

Strip 027:  Crazy Man With Knife  (11-06-02)
Done during the Teletubbie arc. This strip was made to be a back-up in case there was a deadline that I just couldn't make. I used it almost immediately. This strip was also done in response to a really tough day at work.

Strip 028:  Events from DBZ Told Out of Order  (11-08-02)
The introduction of Betsy. (although technically she first appeared in the Halloween strip) Done in reaction to season six of Dragonball Z.

Strip 029:  Dearly Departed  (11-11-02)
Pat has a new love...unfortunately he'll have to become a necrophiliac.

Strip 030:  Mr. J  (11-13-02)
Jim resorts to rather dirty tactics in his quest for more Batman.

Strip 031:  Competitive Edge  (11-15-02)
Made at 8:30am on the morning of electronic registration for the Sping 2003 semester. I got only one of the classes I wanted, and became in danger of not making enough credits to become a junior by next fall. (Betsy had nothing to do with it.)

Strip 032:  Rehash  (11-18-02)
I couldn't come up with anything, so I just remade Strip 002.

Strip 033:  Nani?  (11-20-02)
Strip 034:  Not So Easy  (11-22-02)
Continuing my writer's block, Jon helped with the inspiration for these two strips. Like the previous Jen strips, this comes in a pair of two, takes place before a story arc, and has something to do with Jen's sexy bod. Magical Battle Nurse Nani-Nani Next is not a real anime.

Strips 035-046  (12-02-02 through 12-25-02)
To celebrate the magical horror known as Christmas, we bring you up to speed with how the original Pat died, as well as the misfortunes befalling the first eleven Pat clones.

Strip 047:  After-the-Fact Holiday Strip  (12-27-02)
Because I wasn't feeling creative enough and had only half an hour to make a strip.

Strip 048:  A Generation's Final Journey Cut Short  (12-30-02)
Jim expresses his dismay at the cutting of 45 minutes of scenes from Star Trek Nemesis in order to fit the studio's budget. Strip delayed to the end of December due to The Twelve Deaths of Pat storyline.

Strips 049-051  (12-31-02 through 01-03-03)
Jim attempts to use the ball-drop at Times Square to hypnotize the masses and create an army of slaves. I know I stole the title from Cartoon Network, but they're not doing it this year so it's mine now. 049 was the first strip to not have a punchline and end with "To be continued," begining what may become a trend for future strips.

Strips 052-064  (02-03-03 through 02-28-03)
Jim and Pat go home for winter break. Lots of family members make their first (and probably only) appearances. Jim's brother, Steve, makes Jim feel insecure about his evilness. Meanwhile, Pat has a birthday party and finally gets to kill somebody. Story arc delayed one month due to one-month hiatus during January.

Strips 065-067  (03-03-03 through 03-07-03)
Jim comes back to college a month late and finds that Jon used Jen's sexy bod to take over the college and give it to Jim for a birthday present. The "To be continued" returns.

Strip 068:  Someday We'll Record Everything Directly to DvD  (03-17-03)
Betsy returns after a four-month absence to scare Jim and then borrow a VHS tape.

Strip 069:  Weird Arms  (03-19-03)
Jim gets a letter informing him Matt has gone down to Atlanta, GA, as the Crimson Christian in order to beat some sense into the guys that produce Toonami.

Strip 070:  Learning the Hard Way  (03-21-03)
It's an irresistable human urge to do the forbidden, and nowhere is this weakness greater than in the Red Button Scenareo. Push it. Come on, push it!

Strip 071:  I'd Like to Thank the Academy. Really.  (03-24-03)
Jim and Frank discuss the Academy Awards, more specifically the animated film nominations. Jim apparently doesn't care about any of the others.

Strip 072:  The Root of All Idiocy  (03-26-03)
Pat asks for some food during a greuling work shift.  Jim tries to be evil, but he's too stupid.

Strip 073:  Let Nothing Stand Between a Man and His Twenty-Four  (03-28-03)
Jim makes Pat sacrifice his life to repair an antenna just so he can watch Twenty-Four in crystal clarity. Wait a minute...if he gets digital HDTV why does he need an antenna? Jim, you silly rascal, you.

Strip 074:  Nice Evil Dictator  (03-31-03)
Jen chews Jim out for being a non-evil despot.

Strip 075:  One Last Head-Pop  (04-01-03)
A completely hand-drawn strip. A contest asked readers to guess what series the conversation in this strip was based on. This is indeed the last time you will ever see Pat's head explode. If you'll pardon the pun, that gag has been done to death.

Strips 076-088  (04-02-03 through 04-30-02)
This is the first dramatic story arc. Jim discovers there are only two Pat clones left and gives everybody the codes to his underground hideout to incite a conspiracy. It works. What an idiot. Pat 35 turns against Jim and another one of his friends betrays him. This is the end of Betsy's Ithaca College career and the first appearance of Jon's never-ending beef stick, which his parents bought him for Easter.

"WAR WITH THE WORLD" part I: What Are Best Friends For?
Strips 089-191  (05-05-03 through 05-09-03)
A surprise visit from his best friend launches Jim on the most ambitious campaign of his life. Is the Evil Jim Empire evil enough, ruthless enough, and crazy enough to conquer the entire planet? First appearance of Brian.

"WAR WITH THE WORLD" part II: Night of 1,000,000 Pats
Strips 092-097  (05-12-03 through 05-23-03)
Jim builds an army of mass-produced Pats using a DNA sample plucked from Pat 36, the last in his first batch of clones. With their sheer number and mindless obediency, sweep the globe. With Jim coming closer and closer to world domination, only one thing stands in his way...

"WAR WITH THE WORLD" part III: The End of the Beginning
Strips 098-100  (05-26-03 through 05-30-03)
As Jim plans to conquer Jerusalem, a local hero doesn't take very kindly to the threat and challenges Jim and his entire army to the fight of their lives. It's the end of Evil Jim's first year, and nothing will ever be the same after he and his army has faced two very religious individuals. While the ending is very much in Jim's style, the outcome is much graver than anyone could have expected.


YEAR TWO:  September 1, 2003 - July 31, 2004

"WAR WITH THE WORLD" part IV: Another One Bites the Dust
Strips 101-103  (09-01-03 through 09-05-03)
Pat struggles to survive against the combined religious might of CC and LBSJ. Guess what happens. Meanwhile, Jim returns to his lair and the reality of what he's done sinks in. Cue MST3K reference and a very Photoshop-filter look for Frank.

Strip 104:  Consolation?  (09-08-03)
Brian and Alex try to help Jim through his grief...rather successfully.

Strip 105:  I'll Take Stoners for $114, Alex  (09-10-03)
Jim moves into his new room and the plot manages to explain away the 3-month hiatus. Based on a real-life fact. The real room's fine, though. ResLife managed to fumigate it very well.

Strip 106:  Business as Usual  (09-12-03)
This Twenty-Four-inspired strip features everybody doing what they do best. Rare appearances of Jen's boyfriend Paul and that adorable Evil Tiny.

Strip 107:  Dumber than Dee-Dee  (09-15-03)
Jim and Jon have quality time and talk about secret lairs and Jim's incompetence. Title is inspired by Dexter's Laboratory. Don't know what a WoMD is? Then you haven't been keeping up with CNN.

Strips 108-124  (09-17-03 through 11-07-03)
Jim learns of a DDR competition which was held the weekend before at the local arcade. Not wanting to feel left out, he stages one of his own. Unfortunately the unwitting participants have no idea what abominable fates Jim has in store for the losers. To make things even more interesting, two surprise contestants return from Jim's past. This story went on so long it ran into Haloween, hence the motivation behind the killer zombies at the end of this arc. In the end, nobody wins and everyone loses their dignity. First appearances of Carolyn, Eric, and the rest of the ASIC crew, as well as Alex's two new housemates Tom and Rob.

Strip 125:  Diet Jim  (11-10-03)
The sketchy weird strip meant to stand in for an unwelcome hiatus throughout November.

Strip 126:  The Obligatory Registration Failure Strip  (11-17-03)
Another diet strip. Jim unsucessfully tries to register for spring classes. You'd think he's learned his lesson by now.

Strip 127:  Nyao  (11-24-03)
In this rehash of 033, Jim approaches Jen for some DNA material. Seems he wants to make a sexy catgirl assistant to fill Pat's position. You can probably guess her response.

Strip128:  Tabula Rasa  (12-01-03)
Because I felt incredibly uninspired, you get to write your own EJ strip. The title means "blank slate," inspired by a Justice League episode.

Strip 129:  How to Get Your Students to Pay Attention  (12-08-03)
Drawn on notebook paper and inspired by my Medieval Art class. Yes, we did discuss sexuality in ye olde art. But there was no porn. Unfortunately.

Strip 130:  Here's Lookin' at You, Carolyn  (12-17-03)
The winner of the Hit #1,000 contest got to choose their own strip for Evil Jim. Carolyn had two ideas; one where she's Evil Carolyn, and an Evil Jim strip set in the middle ages just so our Medieval World teacher would get angry at our misspelling of "medieval." I managed to work both in. This is also the last appearance of Carolyn, continuing a tradition set by Betsy in the Death and Taxes arc.

Strip 131:  EJ131  (02-02-04)
Evil Jim recaps the characters and recent events for new readers and others who don't have the capacity to remember things over a seven-week absence. The strip is titled with its production code for no reason other than I couldn't think of a real title.

Strip 132:  The Middle of the End of the Middle  (02-04-04)
Jim resumes his introduction of DCXIII, a catgirl character originally designed to replace Pat. However, during the January hiatus of Evil Jim, I decided I did not want to introduce this character, and so a disturbing cop-out was hastily written.

Strip 133:  Don't Mess with Twenty-Four (02-06-04)
When George W. Bush preempts 24 for his annual State of the Union...again...Jim takes matters into his own hands, determined to watch something amusing.

Strip 134:  Fun with Fontographer  (02-09-04)
The strip returns to Franklin Gothic font in a freaky way. Jim says goodbye to his former roommate.

Strips 135-146  (02-11-04 through 03-04-04)
Jim and Brian depart for their hometown of Saratoga Springs. While home, Jim discovers his younger brother Steve has made some significant progress and threatens to encroach on Jim's territory. Meanwhile, Pat's parents come a'calling to look for their son...because Jim never told them he died last summer. The shizzle hits the fizzle and Jim explains the story behind his evil ways when Steve reveals his secret to Mom and Dad. As a result, both evil masterminds are banished from the family. Bet ya didn't see that one coming.

Strips 147-150  (03-05-04 through 03-26-04)
Right out of Saratoga, Jim's holding a day-long 24 marathon in his lab's theater. But it looks like his night of fiction is about to turn very, very real. This is the turning point of the Evil Jim series, if you couldn't already tell. Story arc originally titled "Every Last One of Me."

"END OF EVIL" part I: The Boy Who Died
Strips 151-161  (03-29-04 through 04-16-04)
The debut of Pat's new form...a.k.a. Evil Penguin. Jim is teleported into the middle of a wrestling arena and pitted against LBSJ. The highlight of the evening is Jim's final epic battle with the Crimson Christian...which isn't quite what anyone could have expected. In the end, two friends save the day, and one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of redemption.

"END OF EVIL" part II: Revolution
Strips 162-173  (04-19-04 through 05-05-04)
Coming back from the battle, Jim discovers the anime club has converted the campus into Ohtori Academy, taking a cue from their sacred anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. After persuing the "robot army" and "friends who are no longer his friends" avenues, Jim recruits minions to aid him in his battle against Evil Penguin and the Student Council that now rules the school.

"END OF EVIL" part III: Absolute Destiny
Strips 174-186 (05-06-04 through 06-07-04)
The Evil Deul begins as Evil Jim battles Jim Classic in order to possess End of the World. But what exactly IS it, and why is it called the "ultimate answer to every question?" This is Evil Jim's defining moment, as he runs farther and farther away from the path set before him, he finally realizes that trying to undo the evil he's caused can only occur through even more evil actions. And those actions will change his world forever... This arc marks the final appearance of over two thirds of the Evil Jim cast.

"END OF EVIL" part IV: Lest Ye Be Judged
Strips 187-191 (06-21-04 through 07-07-04)
A battle-scarred and broken-souled Jim shows up on Brian's doorstep. News of Ithaca's nuclear fate is all over the airwaves, and Jen's boyfriend Paul is none too happy to see her murderer alive and well. To make matters more complicated, Crimson Christian arrives. This time, however, he receives Jim not with a gunfight, but with some much-needed guidance. After Jim realizes that friendship is more important than any personal goals he's set for himself, he discovers that Evil Penguin was really the one responsible for his colleagues' cataclysmic destruction.

"END OF EVIL" part V: Final Descent
Strips 192-200 (07-12-04 through 07-31-04)
Jim, Brian and the Crimson Christian pay a house call to Evil Penguin Headquarters. Hilarity ensues.

This marks the end of the Evil Jim comic strip. Pat Webster's Evil Penguin webcomic occurs in the same continuity, and future strips will continue the story.


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