(first appearance: EJ001 09-04-02)

At the beginning of the series, Jim is a sophomore at Ithaca College. He's got a cool secret underground laboratory, and a willing minion that runs around doing his dirty work. His black heart has him dead-set on ruling the world, one step at a time, beginning with his college. He has friendships with fellow students and old high school buddies, however he typically uses his influence to corral them into helping him with his schemes.

(first appearance: EJ002 09-05-02)

Originally one of Jim's confidants and lunch table buddy, Pat became ensnared into the assistant position at Evil Jim Enterprises. Constantly outmaneuvering Jim psychologically, Pat's gotten on his nerves countless times. After an unfortunate laser incident, Jim attempted to rebuild Pat into an android. When that didn't work, Jim developed a cloning procedure to produce Pat duplicates so that he can be killed without prejudice over and over again.

(first appearance: EJ004 09-07-02)

At the beginning of the series, Jen is a junior at Ithaca College. Jim often attempts to work her into some of his more sexy evil plots. She more than anyone sees Jim's ambitions as his fatal weakness, but unfortunately when she tries to make Jim see reason, her words fall on deaf ears.


(first appearance: EJ011 09-23-02)

The Crimson Christian is a fighter for the salvation of mankind. While outside of the costume he's a good friend of Jim's, when he puts on his outfit he severs all personal ties. (The character was created by Matt Williams. His other comic book appearances include Shattered Genesis, Terra Rising, his own Crimson Christian series, these guest strips, issues 4 and 10 of Unfamiliar Reflection, and the Shattered Genesis/Unfamiliar Reflection crossover.)

The real Matt is nothing like his fictional counterpart, as he is a scrawny anime geek who would get schooled in three seconds if ever threatened with physical violence. He and Jim were friends in college, along with Pat.

(first appearance: EJ003 09-06-02)

At the beginning of the series, Jon is a sophomore at Ithaca College. As Jim's roommate, Jon is constantly on his back to stop secluding himself in his lair and experience the real fun of college. (i.e. Getting drunk, high, and laid.) He also has a never-ending beef stick which he received in a care package from home. It comes in handy more often than you'd think.

(first appearance: EJ008 09-12-02)

One of Jim's friends from his home town of Saratoga, who also happens to be a sophomore at Ithaca College. When he isn't kicking ass in Halo and fighting zombies from the Dark Dimension, he's tearing his hair out coding programs for computer science classes.

(first appearance: EJ028 11-08-02)

At the beginning of the series, Betsy is a sophomore at Ithaca College, an avid anime fan who never misses an episode of Dragonball Z.

(first appearance: EJ089 05-05-03)

Jim's best friend and closest confidant, Brain is a sophomore at the Rochester Institute of Technology at the time he is introduced in the series. He's a student photographer and party man. Since childhood they made home movies together, but being in college has hampered that pasttime. He and Jim visit each other when they can, which is unfortunately rare.

(first appearance: EJ124 11-07-03)

A freak lab accident transpired to meld Pat's life essence with the DNA of a penguin. This walking, talking force of darkness has one goal in mind: Make Jim's life a living hell for treating his former self like dirt. Once that ugly business is finished, he intends to take over the world. If you were expecting him to do something more original, you haven't been reading this comic well enough.

(first appearance: EJ054 02-07-03)

Steve is Jim's younger brother, but insists that he's younger only by age. Possibly the more cunning of the two, he strives to out-do Jim at every turn. He was able to dominate their high school, which Jim couldn't, and became the modest ruler of the University of Vermont after only being there a few months.

(first appearance: EJ163 04-20-04)

President: JIM D. (aka Jim Classic)
Vice President: ART
Treasurer: HEATHER
Secretary: PETER
Rose Boy: ERIC

(reference picture)

While Evil Jim was whisked away to fight in Evil Penguin's wrestling tournament, these five leaders of the Anime Society discovered a mysterious force known as "End of the World." Taking it upon themselves to claim this unknown object, they quickly disbanded their beloved anime club to achieve a higher purpose. They converted Ithaca College into their own anime-influenced paradise and held symbolic meetings to figure out just how to find the key that will allow them to possess the ultimate power. (This is all an elaborate but not well-thought-out reference to Revolutionary Girl Utena...just in case you get completely confused when you get to their story arc.)

(first appearance: EJ166 04-26-04)

Evil Genetic Experiment 666 was designed by Jim with the combined mental and physical dexterity of the greatest gaming minds on the face of the Earth. The dominant game trait appears to be an obsession with Unreal Tournament. Unfortunately, by combining these gamers' strengths, he also combined their weaknesses. Hence, 666 is always running around making dumb observations, looking for snacks between sofa cushions, and never opening his eyes. After he broke three consecutive PS2s, Jim shipped him off to Evil Penguin in the hopes of causing him pain and suffering...or, at the very least, a mild headache from 666's annoying antics.

(first appearance: EJ043 12-20-02)

Evil Tiny is Jim's pet cat. Contrary to her name, she weighs 16 pounds and has been genetically manipulated to grow ten times her size when angry. Everything else about her is a mystery. (A mystery that is never solved in the comic itself. Just saying that up front in case you were expecting a resolution.)


(first appearance: EJ026 11-04-02)

Jim's main computer terminal is hooked up to a complex artificial intelligence that is responsible for the daily maintenance of Evil Jim Enterprises. Despite wanting to be called Frank, Jim calls it simply "computer," because that's what they do on Star Trek.

(first appearance: EJ053 02-05-03 -- last appearance: EJ144 03-02-04)

Jim's mom is...Jim's mom.

(first appearance: EJ055 02-10-03)

Chris is Jim's older sister, and Pete is her husband. During the winter of 2002-3, they lived with Jim's parents while their new house was under construction.

(first appearance: EJ057 02-14-03)

A dad so crazy about putting his son through college he would even kill. KILL.

(first appearance: EJ058 02-17-03)

Matt's 2003 girlfriend. She likes practically everything he does, from anime to Deadpool to his crusade for justice.

(only appearance: EJ064 02-28-03)

Jim's grandmother on his dad's side.

(first appearance: EJ064 02-28-03)

Jim's Dad usually drove him to and from college on breaks before Jim got his own car. He's an expert in the profession of car packing.

(first appearance: EJ067 03-07-03)

Paul was Jen's boyfriend and Brian's three-year roommate. He goes to RIT, and visitsed Jen on weekends. He was hit harder by Jen's death than anyone else.

(first appearance: EJ097 05-23-03)

Like the Crimson Christian, LBSJ is very religious. However, he's even more insane (if that's possible) than his trenchcoat-clad associate. He often teams up with the Crimson Christian in times of major threat to the world's religious meccas. (LBSJ was created by a group of college friends for a wrestling federation RPG and, like Crimson Christian, was integrated into Evil Jim as a way to include those friends in the comic.)

aka C-KO
(first appearance: EJ108 09-17-03)

In Year Two, Carolyn is a junior at Ithaca College studying art history. She's nuts about anime, DDR, and pocky. Later on, her shadow-puppet, C-Ko, began spreading rumors across the school as part of the final story arc along with another shadow-puppet, S-Ko.

(first appearance: EJ108 09-17-03)

Junior and member of ASIC. He occasionally went DDRing with Jim. He, Art, Carolyn, Jim D, Samantha, and Evil Jim shared the same Medieval World class. After the ASIC executive board became the Student Council, Eric was brought on board as Rose Boy.

(first appearance: EJ108 09-17-03)

ASIC is comprised of highly intellectual individuals who strive toward inner fulfillment and the betterment of the world. Okay, that's a lie. All they really want is to hang out and watch anime every Thursday in one of the science rooms. When they aren't MiSTing anime, they're laughing at the hilarities of the club executive board, or watching files copy. Members featured in Evil Jim include club president Jim D, vice-prez Art, treasurer Heather, secretary Peter, Eric, Carolyn (C-Ko), Samantha (S-Ko), and Josh.

(first appearances: EJ122 10-31-03)

Tom and Rob are two of Alex's housemates in Year Two. They're Alex's go-to guys when dealing with undead creatures from another universe, or when you felt the need to mercilessly torture a bumblebee.

(first appearance: EJ138 02-18-04)

Pat's Mom called Jim in Year Two, asking where her son was. Jim felt legitimately bad lying to her, as she is a very nice woman, though to keep up appearances he wouldn't let it show.

(first appearances: EJ168 04-28-04)

In the final story arc, "End of Evil", Nick, Juli, Nate, Josh, and Lydia are Jim's only line of offense against both Evil Penguin and the newly-formed Ohtori Student Council. Nick's specialized weapon is a sonic guitar. Juli's special ability is the power to draw blood from another human being using something as harmless as a beach ball. Nate's specialized weapon is Shredder's uniform. Josh's specialized weapon is his nonsense words that can trigger brain aneurisms in the enemy. Lydia's specialized weapon is...a foam bat. These five brave warriors consider Jim their friend, and put their lives on the line to defend his empire.


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