Evil Jim is the story of a misguided supergenius who attempts to take over the world. Inspired one warm September afternoon in an AOL Instant Messenger chat,  [available for your viewing pleasure here] this innovative webcomic achieves levels unparalleled in the on-line world: It is the most ignored webcomic ever.

Last year, Jim abused his lackey Pat to no end, killing him many times. When he faced almost certain death himself, Jim bailed and left Pat holding the bag...or rather, receiving the bullet. Jim's put the past behind him, but Pat's sworn revenge doesn't stop at the grave. After getting booted from his own family, Evil Jim carries on with his lame plots to rule the world...until Evil Penguin arrived to make his life a living hell. Turns out Pat's sould was transferred by accident into a penguin's body, and that is one pissed penguin. Can Jim survive four months of relentless torture and soul-searching? Find out!

Occasional readers may be confused by the sheer number of cameos and characters that pop in and out of the strip at random. These are my friends, folks, and I've got a duty to put them in here and show how much their existence means to a sad and lonely man such as myself. Plus they're all the inspiration I'll ever need. If you know them or not, I hope you won't be too detracted from enjoying what should be a very funny webcomic.

Here are the self-proclaimed Three Stooges. Not Lary, Curly and Moe, but rather Shinji, Kaji, and...that other guy who wears glasses from Evangelion. Top left: Pat (Evil Penguin). Right: Matt (The Crimson Christian). Bottom: Me (Evil Jim). The three of us do pretty much anything together when we're all in the same town at the same time, which is now a rarity thanks to me attending a college away from home. I'm such a jerk.

T3H P41N!

This is the Whalen School of Music. Honest to God, this is the front door. When I visited the campus in Summer of 2000 I took this as a sign I should apply to Ithaca. It's so weird passing by a building with almost my name on it every day.


Once I took over the school, I changed two letters. This baby's all mine now. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



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