24-Hour Comic Book Day: April 24, 2004
a journal

12:00AM (-24:00)

Begun drawing 727-8 pg. 2

12:10AM (-23:50)

That shower half an hour ago was a bad idea. My hands are wrinkling the paper. Also, they're shaking. I guess even with a lot of sleep my motor skills get crappy at the same time every day. This doesn't look good at all. Popped in my first Anime Themes CD.

12:40AM (-23:20)

Shower DEFINITELY a bad idea. Feeling very warm, even with window open all the way in 55 degree weather. My eyes are NOT fogging up. NO THEY'RE NOT. STOP FOGGING UP!!!

12:57AM (-23:03)

727-8 pg. 2 completed. Begun EJ423.

1:27AM (-22:33)

Hands steadying. Popped in Anime Themes II. Drew sweeeeet extreme close-up of CC.

2:01AM (-21:59)

Finished drawing EJ423. It actually DID turn out to be 12 panels. I'm pleased.

2:35AM (-21:35)

Now listening to a Cowboy Bebop OST after sampling Trigun's "Rakuen." It seemed like an appropriate song given the subject matter I'm Photoshoping.

3:33AM (-20:27)

Finally finished EJ423. Giving my poor drawing/mousing hand a rest by reading the last chapter of Kare Kano manga vol. 7. (Gotta get caught up, vol. 9 is coming in two weeks.)

3:59AM (-20:01)

Ah, that was good. Tsuda's art is really improving. Scariest picture of Soichiro ever. Anyway, back to work. EJ166 begins!

4:20AM (-19:40)

Time to get me some more pills. Pulled a map image off Yahoo! Maps and will blatantly disregard the respectful duty of crediting it.

4:28AM (-19:32)

Just realized I haven't been listening to music for about fifteen minutes. Time for Anime Themes IV.

4:44AM (-19:16)

Photoshoping of EJ166 finished. Three people on my buddy list are still awake. Either that or they don't have their idle time accessable and they forgot to put up an away message.

5:11AM (-18:49)

Finished EJ166. Cawing crows are waking up more birds outside. But the sky is still pitch black.

5:55AM (-18:05)

It's getting quite bright outside. Talking to a friend who isn't asleep either. Finished drawing EJ167.

6:04AM (-17:56)

First update posted on the website. I went back and fixed the "lair"/"liar" goof in EJ165.

6:12AM (-17:48)

Despite the morning haze, it looks to be a nice clear day. Birds on full volume. Anime Themes V.

6:28AM (-17:32)


7:12AM (-16:48)

Wow, that was a tough one. My poor formatting plan screwed me once I got into Illustrator. At any rate, a very emotional EJ167 is finished and I'm gonna take another short break.

7:25AM (-16:35)

There's finally a breeze coming through the window. Where was that cold air when I needed it at 1 o'clock? EJ168 started.

7:44AM (-16:16)

An hour before work. Must...finish...strip...

8:18AM (-15:42)

A conversation with my insomniac friend about pants has me listening to the first MST3K CD.

8:34AM (-15:26)

Getting ready for work. I'm bringing writing supplies to keep this going once I get there.

9:30AM (-14:30)

Drew kick-ass silhouettes of Jim, Peter, and Heather for the infamous Student Council/Exec Board elevator sequence. Work is boring.

10:42AM (-13:18)

All this sitting at work drawing is sapping my energy. I think it's because I feel like since I'm at work, I need to to work stuff. But I can't. My stomach is starting to feel funny.

12:08PM (-11:52)

Not getting any work done after drawing EJ169. (The Illustrator file of EJ168 is still sitting on my dorm desktop unfinished)

12:53PM (-11:07)

Artist's block...BAD! I can't decide which plot point to address in EJ170.

2:10PM (-9:50)

Left work, had brunch, got some awesome news from Pat about acquiring some very inexpensive photo developing materials, back to work on EJ168.

3:03PM (-8:57)

A fruitless Google search for a reference screencap of the Student Council elevator poses makes me wish I just popped in the damn cd of the episode, despite the risk to free memory while running VLC and Photoshop at once.

3:37PM (-8:23)

The elevator scene is done, and it's supasweet!

5:19PM (-6:41)

Arm's hurting pretty bad, but I'm still working on the word balloons to EJ169...ugh...this is a big one.

5:37PM (-6:23)

EJ169 finally done! I'm taking another break. My wrist is aching pretty bad now.

6:08PM (-5:52)

Okay, things have to get busy. Resumed drawing EJ170 from work earlier.

6:16PM (-5:44)

Mind is wandering. Sunlight is creeping over the desk.

7:07PM (-4:53)

Updated the Evil Jim bios page. I did the sold drawing for EJ171 and will now scan all the drawings for that and 170 into Photoshop.

7:56PM (-4:04)

Stupid me got easily distracted having a Daylight Saving Time argument with Jen. I won that time. That's a rare occurrence. This and the fact that it's overcast caused me to miss the sunset. I'd estimate it was ten minutes ago.

8:25PM (-3:35)

EJ170 finished. I love the dark blue twilight sky.

8:37PM (-3:23)

EJ171 finished.

8:43PM (-3:17)

Time for the 3rd Utena soundtrack as Evil Jim dives right into the heart of the show. EJ172 begun.

9:20PM (-2:40)

Paused drawing for a bit to watch Chapelle's Show. It's the Wayne Brady sketch.

10:24PM (-1:36)

EJ172 finished. Let's see how far I get with EJ173. This one's gonna be intense.

11:10PM (-0:50)

Drawings for EJ173 finished. I'm frantically trying to Photoshop all 10+ panels before midnight.

11:26PM (-0:34)

Photoshoping completed, pulling into Illustrator.

12:00AM (0:00)

EJ173 completed with seconds to spare! I'm gonna do a little mopping up, post the final report, and get the hell to bed. Goodnight!