CCIV: Doctor’s Examination

Posted by on March 2, 2015
Production Code: UTC204A

This page was modified after it was first uploaded. Originally, the page ended on a large panel that was meant to dramatically reveal Jen’s youthful appearance. However, because she hadn’t de-aged very much to make it immediately obvious, the effect didn’t work.

I reworked the page, shrinking the reveal panel and adding more panels after it that were written to be in the following page. Now the “reveal” has a more natural level of impact, and the proper information is given about what’s going on.

This is the first time I changed a page so radically since page LXIV, which was itself remade as a different scene entirely. In that case, however, the original version of the page was not uploaded to the internet before it was redone.

CCII: Uninvisible

Posted by on February 9, 2015
Production Code: UTC202

The first two rows of panels were written for the previous page, with the end panel being the stunned silence of the two students. However, we don’t see Dr. Attic disciplining students much…the only time she did, she was super angry because Morty had turned her own daughter into a giant poodle. So the punchline wouldn’t have come off as strongly as the one about Thirteen pointing to a chameleon on the ceiling, being the only person in the room who even noticed.

UTC has reached a point I’d been waiting for for a long time. With so many different transformations and plots going on, it’s become more natural to write situations where characters can use their “powers” in productive ways. Instead of reworking the story to create an advantage for the main characters, I was able to figure out a way for them to solve the problem that already existed. I had created a problem where nobody could see this girl on the ceiling and I looked through the UTC roster to figure out who could help the most. The answers were Thirteen and Noah. Bam. Pages written.

CLXXXVIII: Nerves of Steel

Posted by on November 3, 2014
Production Code: UTC188

Rameses finally goes feral after his long transformation. The reason it happens to him at this particular point is never brought up in the comic itself. By focusing completely on running, he tapped into his growing cheetah instincts, making it all too easy for what was left of his human mind to slip and allowing the wild cheetah to take over

Side note: It was during production of these pages that I was building the basics of this very website! Talk about laying a railroad while the train’s already moving.

CLXXXVII: Off and Running

Posted by on October 28, 2014
Production Code: UTC187

This is one of my favorite pages in the series, because of the challenge it presented and the way it finally turned out.

This begins the chapter’s big action sequence. In these pages I needed to communicate a lot of information visually…a pleasant turn from dumping info via word balloons. The entire page was a challenge. In the previous page we didn’t get to see just how dangerously high up the bleachers were. In trying to figure out a way to show this, I realized that there had to be something that drew the attention of the students to Flint. I then decided Flint could drop the device, and that it would make banging sounds as it fell. That’s when the skeleton of the page came together. After that it was a matter of arranging the panels so that the reader’s eye could follow all the simultaneous events vertically down the page without being confused about where to look next.

My only hang-up regarding this page is that the angle at which I drew the bottom left panel’s border makes it look like the other edge of the race track, making the entire panel look like it’s part of the large bleacher panel. I thickened the border some more after realizing it, but if I had caught it sooner I would have changed the angle of that border entirely.

CLXXIX: Glad We Skipped to the End of This One

Posted by on August 25, 2014
Production Code: UTC179

What bothers me the most about this page is that I never thought to draw a fifth finger dangling from Noah’s gloves. Did he just cut it off? But we don’t see a hole. He couldn’t have special ordered four-fingered surgical gloves. I can’t explain this mistake away, sorry. I just wasn’t thinking.

UTC exists first and foremost as a love letter to transformation subculture, and because of that I am determined to work in as many TF tropes as possible wherever possible, even tropes I am not personally fond of. This scene required a big and humorous (and brief) crisis aftermath, and so I chose a weight TF for readers who like those. I don’t see myself writing an entire story around weight gain, so it was the least I could have done to include something like this in the series.

I chose Morty as the victim because I think we can all agree it was about time he got his just desserts.