CCXVI: A Class Divided

Posted by on June 1, 2015
Production Code: UTC216

For the first time in the series, all 9 members of the current main and supporting casts appear on the same page. (Despite being in different locations.) I purposely held off on gathering everyone together in one place until a dramatically appropriate time. (The only time they’ve been all in the same room thus far in the series was during the Chapter 1 fundraiser.) Phase Two built up the characters with different combinations forming small groups to deal with whatever was going on. Now that the entire school is involved, you can guess where this is headed.

XXIII: Midnight Rescue

Posted by on October 13, 2007
Production Code: UTC030

This page shares its title with an old DOS game. This isn’t the first Midnight Rescue reference, either. Morty’s first name was inspired by the villain of that game, Morty Maxwell. That game was my second favorite of the DOS era behind Oregon Trail.

This is the second page in the series where all current members of the main and supporting casts appear. The first was page XX.

I thought it would look cool if all of the Attic school buildings had accent lighting that went into “Red Alert” mode whenever an alarm was activated so that emergency response teams knew exactly where to go when they got on campus.

XX: Flint Loves His Sci-Fi

Posted by on October 1, 2007
Production Code: UTC027

In panel 1, Thirteen was originally going to be in Flint’s place and shout “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” I changed this at the last minute and gave Flint a line instead because I didn’t want to make Thirteen out to be a total dimwit. (She’s actually quite studied.) The problem this later created was that I had dated the comic the same way that I dated it with the Battlestar Galactica reference in strip III. Heroes was only around for a few years, and became less and less popular as it went on. Eventually I decided to set UTC in the near future, not the present day, so the reference was doubly unwise. (As I write this in 2014 there’s talk about bringing Heroes back to tv, but even if this does happen, I doubt the show will be running in the year UTC takes place.)

This is the first page to feature every main and secondary character of Phase One.