Posted by on February 7, 2018
Production Code: UTC231

I don’t have much experience drawing bodies tangled in other bodies, so panels 2 and 3 were a challenge. I don’t quite think I got all of their masses properly aligned here. It seems like Kestrel’s torso has been absorbed into Chuck’s stomach.

CCII: Uninvisible

Posted by on February 9, 2015
Production Code: UTC202

The first two rows of panels were written for the previous page, with the end panel being the stunned silence of the two students. However, we don’t see Dr. Attic disciplining students much…the only time she did, she was super angry because Morty had turned her own daughter into a giant poodle. So the punchline wouldn’t have come off as strongly as the one about Thirteen pointing to a chameleon on the ceiling, being the only person in the room who even noticed.

UTC has reached a point I’d been waiting for for a long time. With so many different transformations and plots going on, it’s become more natural to write situations where characters can use their “powers” in productive ways. Instead of reworking the story to create an advantage for the main characters, I was able to figure out a way for them to solve the problem that already existed. I had created a problem where nobody could see this girl on the ceiling and I looked through the UTC roster to figure out who could help the most. The answers were Thirteen and Noah. Bam. Pages written.

CXLIV: Fright Jackal

Posted by on October 31, 2013
Production Code: UTC144

This page is named after Fright Night.

Thirteen’s wig was seen flying off of her head two pages ago. That’s a continuity error I did not catch until all of the pages were drawn.

The idea to use sugar water squirt guns only came about after I had done the research on blood sugar. It really helps to look things up. You can get inspiration from research even if your final idea isn’t actually backed up by the research.

CXLIII: Jackal Activity

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Production Code: UTC143

This page is named after Paranormal Activity.

There’s always at least one person dressed as Waldo at costume parties, so I put one in here. In the moonlight he looks like a pirate, though. I should have given him the cap. Incidentally, on the Halloween when this issue was posted, everyone in my office dressed up and there was indeed a Waldo, who ended up photobombing tons of costume pictures.

CI: Class-tle Crashers

Posted by on March 13, 2012
Production Code: UTC101

The glass flying into Argo’s face wasn’t written for the original page. In fact, the page went online with panel 6 showing Argo simply dropping the tablet in surprise. After looking back on the page, I realized the obvious: glass should be flying right in his face. I added the glass, closed his eyes, threw in some blood for good measure and reuploaded the page.

This was another page colored and ballooned in a late night livestream, the second and final time I did such a thing for a page in Phase Two.