UTC Updates in 2017

Posted by on December 19, 2016

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you don’t need me to tell you that 2016 was a rough year. I hope you all fared it well. UTC obviously suffered, but it’s finally beginning to pick back up.

Right now I’m targeting a minimum of two updates per month. I’m already well into work on Page 223 and it will be up before Christmas. I’m going to hold to that pace for the beginning of 2017, and if there are opportunities to make extra pages to get the series back to a once-per-week schedule, I’m going to take them. My first priority after new pages is to finish the extra content for the long, LONG overdue Phase Two graphic novel.

That’s everything for now. I wish you have a great holiday season and a happy new year!

UTC Phase Three and Patreon Campaign Relaunch

Posted by on March 3, 2016

I’m pleased to announce that UTC is officially rolling again! I’ll post a revised Page 217 on Saturday. Updates will not be on a set schedule for the time being, but you will be seeing more pages over the coming weeks.

And with this update comes the relaunch of the Patreon campaign! That will also be coming on Saturday. Patrons who did not cancel their pledges before the suspension of the campaign last year will need to login to Patreon and modify/remove their pledge if they so wish. I’ll of course be notifying everyone this concerns directly on the day of the relaunch.

More news to come! See you Saturday.

Phase Three Delayed Indefinitely

Posted by on November 12, 2015

Major announcement. Unfortunately probably not a very shocking one to those who have been reading since 2008, and had likely become suspicious after last week’s page updated a day later than it was supposed to.

The long and the short of it is that UTC is going back on hiatus, for an indefinite period of time. The simplest explanation for this is that I realized I’m just not ready to get the series started again. It was a mistake to promise a return date back when the hiatus started in June, when I frankly had no idea at the time what my living situation, employment, and confidence as an artist would be in the fall.

As you know, I spent the summer trying to evolve my art style, which is most evident in the Rayna on the River strips. However, in struggling with the new UTC pages, it’s become clear that my evolution hasn’t yielded the results I’ve aimed for. Not yet, at least. I need to take more time to work on my artistic development before I can continue with any ongoing comic projects.

I am not, repeat, NOT going to give up on UTC. I have scripts and a solid goal. What I lack is the ability to execute it.

This is going to be just like all the other hiatuses: long, unfair, and thankfully, finite.

Thank you for your patience. See you in 2016. Until then, keep changing for the better as I do the same!


UTC Chapter 11 Begins Sunday

Posted by on November 4, 2015

THIS SUNDAY the cliffhanger of “Class Warfare” Part I will finally begin to resolve when the first page of Part II is posted. It was supposed to be posted Saturday, but I went crazy drawing an establishing shot of the entire school building and, well, I’m not sorry.

Get ready!

UTC Volume 1 Second Edition

Posted by on June 20, 2015

With a follow-up volume on the way, the print-on-demand version of UTC’s first trade paperback, Changing Times at Attic High (which collects Chapters 1-4), has been modified into a second edition. All new orders for this volume at IndyPlanet will produce the new edition.

No comic art or comic dialogue has been changed. I am a firm believer in avoiding George Lucas Syndrome. My policy throughout UTC’s lifetime has been: if I want to change something in the comic, the change has to happen within a reasonable amount of time; and if the comic has been seen in print, that is how it must remain.

Of the 84 comic strips/pages in Volume 1, only the final caption on the final page was altered. All other changes have to do with the ancillary content. Here is a complete list of changes made for the second edition:

  • Front Cover: Catomix logo updated to its 2015 “rounded C, full A” appearance.
  • Page 3: Catomix logo updated to its 2015 “rounded C, full A” appearance.
  • Page 4: Addresses in copyright section updated; second edition noted.
  • Page 87: (UTC page LXXXIV) Caption changed from “END OF PHASE ONE” to “PHASE ONE COMPLETE” so as to be consistent with page CCXVI and all future pages that end a phase. (Online version of page LXXXIV also updated to match.)
  • Pages 88-89: Afterword extensively rewritten and shortened. Two panels from Phase One are inserted among the text to add visual flavor.
  • Back Cover: Panels from page LXXIII added for greater browsing appeal. Book synopsis shortened.

Wraparound cover to UTC Volume 1, second editionI consider the new edition the “final,” “as-perfect-as-it-can-get-without-being-totally-redone” edition. The changes are based on feedback from convention-goers and personal reflection after 4 years: the back cover was lacking visual “oomph” and the afterword was dry and long-winded. Fixing those parts of the book was the motivation for this new version.

I will be selling the second edition at conventions, using the remaining first edition copies in my stock as backup. Orders for Volume 1 at IndyPlanet will produce the second edition version from today onward.