CLXXIX: Glad We Skipped to the End of This One

Posted by on August 25, 2014
Production Code: UTC179

What bothers me the most about this page is that I never thought to draw a fifth finger dangling from Noah’s gloves. Did he just cut it off? But we don’t see a hole. He couldn’t have special ordered four-fingered surgical gloves. I can’t explain this mistake away, sorry. I just wasn’t thinking.

UTC exists first and foremost as a love letter to transformation subculture, and because of that I am determined to work in as many TF tropes as possible wherever possible, even tropes I am not personally fond of. This scene required a big and humorous (and brief) crisis aftermath, and so I chose a weight TF for readers who like those. I don’t see myself writing an entire story around weight gain, so it was the least I could have done to include something like this in the series.

I chose Morty as the victim because I think we can all agree it was about time he got his just desserts.

CLXXVIII: Clandestine Genetic Re-Modification

Posted by on August 18, 2014
Production Code: UTC178

This page follows up on a plot point that I had in mind from the start of the series, directly introduced in page XCI, and hinted at in the background of Noah’s lab in page CXXXIX. Flint was never Morty’s intended target, Demetrius was. So his nanobots aren’t able to clamp down fully on his unique DNA. This page confirms that Noah’s been quietly working on that.

CXLIV: Fright Jackal

Posted by on October 31, 2013
Production Code: UTC144

This page is named after Fright Night.

Thirteen’s wig was seen flying off of her head two pages ago. That’s a continuity error I did not catch until all of the pages were drawn.

The idea to use sugar water squirt guns only came about after I had done the research on blood sugar. It really helps to look things up. You can get inspiration from research even if your final idea isn’t actually backed up by the research.

CXLIII: Jackal Activity

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Production Code: UTC143

This page is named after Paranormal Activity.

There’s always at least one person dressed as Waldo at costume parties, so I put one in here. In the moonlight he looks like a pirate, though. I should have given him the cap. Incidentally, on the Halloween when this issue was posted, everyone in my office dressed up and there was indeed a Waldo, who ended up photobombing tons of costume pictures.

CXL: The Evil Jackal

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Production Code: UTC140

This page is named after The Evil Dead. I chose that title for this page because here I found a perfect opportunity to have a character say “Dead by dawn”, which was the tagline for Evil Dead II.