CCXLV: Like Daughter, Like Mother

CCXXXIX: Important Choices

Posted by on December 19, 2018
Production Code: UTC239

Scenes like this come about because I find myself with no clear way to move the story to its next intended point and then realize I have two or three plot threads that haven’t been acknowledged in a while. Imagine you’re building a bridge out of Legos but the pile of bricks you’re using runs out of long pieces to make a span, and while wondering “can I build this section with a bunch of little pieces without it collapsing?”, you remember there’s an old Lego kit in a box in the closet you haven’t played with in years, but you know it’s got a bunch of those long pieces you need.

Maybe that’s not a great analogy, but anyway, Noah’s regret for his role in Flint’s latest transformation hasn’t been brought up since Part I; Flint hasn’t flown in two chapters; and Cass and Flint haven’t interacted AT ALL in this entire story arc. It didn’t take long after realizing all of this to come up with a way for the three to come together and formulate (or at least argue over) a plan. (Personally, I think Flint makes the best point, and he doesn’t even say anything.)


Posted by on December 5, 2018
Production Code: UTC238

I was really excited to finally focus on Cass’ hooves. There are certain obvious features of the characters’ transformations that are just “there,” that don’t get pointed out or utilized often. I went out of my way to create a circumstance where Cass would need to climb something really difficult so that we could see her put her cloppers to use.

CCXXXVI: Deetle-Doooo

Posted by on August 8, 2018
Production Code: UTC236

Believe it or not, the first drafts of this story dropped Keris and Jen into a plot hole until the end of the story to focus completely on the fight. We weren’t going to see them throughout this entire climax. Eventually I realized that absolutely shouldn’t happen, and when devising the substance of this scene, I realized it was a golden opportunity to give her something to do that only she could do to assist the outcome of the fight.

I think I drew Jen too large here. I couldn’t see the proportions clearly through all the CUTENESS.

CCXXV: La Résistance

Posted by on January 31, 2017
Production Code: UTC225

I like having a varied pool of background characters that can develop into contributing characters. July started as a friend of Keris’ to fit a single scene in “New Tricks,” and over the next few chapters she’s had a supporting role in establishing Ken’s plot. Obviously she’s gone from being somewhat supportive of Ken’s group to being so against it that she’s helping to thwart them. And she’s only had three pages in total devoted to this across four chapters. These types of storytelling tricks are still new to me, but I realize I should have been using them far earlier.

I hadn’t intended for Jen to be wearing pantyhose, but this felt like a great way to show how much she’s shrunk. From what I’ve heard, women sometimes wear hose under pants for comfort or insulation, and considering there is a full-on winter storm outside, it seemed pretty plausible.

I was a bit iffy on Keris’ self-defeating attitude here. It feels almost like a step back from her growth in “New Tricks,” but given the crushing circumstances and the fact that she doesn’t have an invention that can be used against Ken, I believe her decision to stay out of the fight is appropriate for this stage of her character arc.