CLXXII: Keris Unleashed

CLXXI: All-Nighter

CLXV: Driving Forward

Posted by on April 21, 2014
Production Code: UTC165

It’s really hard to draw a right hand holding a pencil despite the fact that I always have a live model reference of a right hand holding a pencil every time I need to draw one.

CLXI: Beautificationization

Posted by on March 17, 2014
Production Code: UTC161

This is Chapter 8’s transformation sequence! I was kind of tickled to do one Keris-style, which meant no actual genetic manipulation. It works thematically, and the nature of her transformation separates her type of character from the other Attic High students.

The book the teacher is reading in panel 4 was originally a parody of “S.”, a book I was reading around this time. To parody, I drew a gothic “T” on the cover instead of an “S”. While coloring this page, I changed my mind and went with a real book (“Breaking Dawn”). I figured this would be more recognizable, and that readers would still find its placement here humorous. It also provides a more appropriate explanation for why she’s so focused on a book rather than supervising the students.

CLX: Pillowned

Posted by on March 10, 2014
Production Code: UTC160

In my college days, an anime music video was making the rounds on campus (this was pre-YouTube) that used a clip from Neon Genesis Evangelion showing Gendo shooting someone, with the word “GENDOWNED” appearing afterward. My friends and I thought it was the funniest thing and we’d say similar “____OWNED” phrases for months afterward. That’s why the title for this page is “Pillowned.”

If you’re still confused, you are going to have to look up “owned” on Urban Dictionary.