The last time Leon and Noah had a chance to talk about Noah’s guilt was back on page CCVII.

With all the ups and downs I’ve faced putting this chapter together, I couldn’t resist some lampshade-hanging. It’s corny and done to death, but… okay, it’s corny and done to death. I have no good justification for it.

The use of the “Next” box isn’t exactly a joke, but it felt like the perfect setup for one, given how long the “Class Warfare” arc has been. So I worked in the extra line from Noah to lean into it. Chapter 12: “The Mother Trilogy” will debut this fall. I’m taking the rest of the summer to work on improving this site, finally get the Catomix store running, and work up a buffer of pages. Keep checking back here for info and extras. (If you want. That’s not an order or anything.)