CCXXVIII: He Fell for It

  • Sean Chan

    That took a while

  • Alex Warlorn

    I still want to see what the usurpers’ end game is. I seriously doubt they’d have gone to all this trouble without one.

  • Alex Warlorn

    So what comes next?

  • Alex Warlorn

    Are you okay?

    • I’m taking a break from the current story to refocus and finish the Volume 2 collection. There are (and will be more) updates about it on the home page.

      • hwalsh

        Erm… So I should stop checking in every week then? *Confused*

        • You’re free to check in as often or seldom as you prefer. I wish I could give a solid timetable on when to expect future comics but there is too much uncertainty right now.

          Every time I post a comic here, updates go out on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. I believe there is also a way to monitor the comic updates in an RSS feed. So if you use any of those services, you can keep updated without needing to manually check the site itself.

          Twitter: @CatomixComics

          • hwalsh

            Just checking in. :(

          • No substantial updates yet. Still finding time to work on the Vol 2 TPB.

          • hwalsh

            Well… It was a fun run while it lasted. Be well man. Good luck.