CCXXV: La Résistance

Posted by on January 31, 2017

I like having a varied pool of background characters that can develop into contributing characters. July started as a friend of Keris’ to fit a single scene in “New Tricks,” and over the next few chapters she’s had a supporting role in establishing Ken’s plot. Obviously she’s gone from being somewhat supportive of Ken’s group to being so against it that she’s helping to thwart them. And she’s only had three pages in total devoted to this across four chapters. These types of storytelling tricks are still new to me, but I realize I should have been using them far earlier.

I hadn’t intended for Jen to be wearing pantyhose, but this felt like a great way to show how much she’s shrunk. From what I’ve heard, women sometimes wear hose under pants for comfort or insulation, and considering there is a full-on winter storm outside, it seemed pretty plausible.

I was a bit iffy on Keris’ self-defeating attitude here. It feels almost like a step back from her growth in “New Tricks,” but given the crushing circumstances and the fact that she doesn’t have an invention that can be used against Ken, I believe her decision to stay out of the fight is appropriate for this stage of her character arc.

  • Alex Warlorn

    Seeing those little feet, I think ironically does the best job of showing the Principle’s age regression (and makes her look absolutely adorable). And we see the real Keris underneath all that bluster and vanity.

    It’s a question if Ken prepared a cure just in case he got infected with his own invention (accidents happen).

    How can they tell that she’s stop age regressing?

    Though even if she’s cured, can you turn the hamburger back into the cow? (IE, how would her RNA even ‘remember’ what age she’s supposed to be?) Ironically, if Ken DOES have a cure, it means his fountain of youth is a success after all and not a mockingly cruel death sentence. (Though this means the bastard really did leave his principal to die.)

    Though I’ll admit, a part of me is excited at the idea of the usurpers zapping people left and right with the TF gun to serve as foot soldiers.

    • Thanks. I had to call direct attention to her regression stopping because reader feedback showed it wasn’t obvious from the art. I tried drawing her at a consistent age in the past three pages. Even still, the compressed time frame of this scene makes it hard to tell. Because she’s been with Jen this whole time, Cass has been able to notice Jen’s regression stopping just prior to Katsuko rescuing them. (For the record, she’s now between 3-4 years old visibly. At this point, if she continued to regress the changes would be happening much quicker and it would be easier for Cass or Morty to spot.)

      You’re asking lots of good questions!

      • Alex Warlorn

        Thank YOU for responding to my comment with tact and maturity! It’s nice not to be browbeaten as some get when making the wrong comment.

        Makes you wonder if any of the students has worked on mind control, personality altering, or memory rewrite for the sake of therapy of those suffering PTSD or rehabilitating dangerously psychotic criminals.

      • hwalsh

        I thought that she was about that age, but Alex’s question mirrors my own. If, in fact, there is a cure, it would have to be much more complicated than a shot.

        In order to restore her it would need a sample of her adult genetic material unless the cure is, simply some kind of growth stimulant…

        If it is a growth stimulant then would the Principal be the same person. The brain’s basic structure forms differently, and we saw the effects on the Principal as she got younger when she had difficulty processing, “talking about boys” and such.

        Not to mention her outburst of crying until she seemingly fell asleep at the end.

        So if there is a cure for the regression and not simply a cure for the cancer (I say simply, which would be world changing as it is) then it would have to be a very complicated procedure.

        Now… Having said that… It is a comic and, well, we all know that sometimes science and magic can pretty much be the same thing. LOL

        Maybe we are overthinking it.

        • Alex Warlorn

          Well, if they stop the cancer, then at least all she has to do is become an adult again the old fashioned way.

          • hwalsh

            Which would create a new dynamic for Keris as she’d probably have to become her guardian.

            Even if most of her memories remained the principal would have serious cognitive loss until her brain redeveloped.

            Things like having a hard time perceiving time, emotions that simply can’t be controlled, lack of long term focus, etc.

            Alternatively there could be considerable benefit as children that young learn at an incredible pace. If her knowledge is still there she’d be an unbelievable genius if she grew up again.

  • Ransom

    Usually Cass’ threat would be comic exaggeration. In this context? I’m honestly not sure! Not that I expect to see Ken literally skewered but the life and death stakes here do seem real.

    • Alex Warlorn

      He might have a cure ready just in case he got zapped by his own creation.

  • Alex Warlorn

    What IS the usurper’s end game anyway?

  • Whatever the end goal beyond a few days of “Pure Research” the only thing I see this accomplishing is the closure of the school and many if not all the students getting censured, surveilled, and restricted from any kind of research.

    The big complaint, at least what it appeared to be, was that they were no longer allowed to work on any project they wanted anymore due to the newly formed “Ethics” group which was formed because of a series of stupid and/or unethical experiments that got away from the students performing them with quite possibly permanent consequences.

    In short, because of the events of this webcomic the students started to have to answer to others about what they do for their experiments and they didn’t like that.