CCXXIV: The Attic is Apologetic

Posted by on January 15, 2017

The final panel should technically only include “Attic’s Six” because Cass is alluding to the ethics class only. But Flint had arrived with the others and I couldn’t leave him out of the group shot for something this dramatic. He’s much too closely involved with all that’s going on to be left out. Thirteen, less so, so I chose to exclude her even though it seems unfair since I already made that one exception.

  • hwalsh

    They’d better hurry their plan up. She’s dwindling fast. I’d say she’s lucky if she’s still in grade school.

    • Alex Warlorn

      Forget age regression, she’s dying of cancer!

      • hwalsh

        She’ll wink out of existence before the cancer kills her at this pace.

  • Aldin1

    Woot! Another update. Thank you for continuing the tale at your own pace. Looking forward to the next update.